R-Sort Ultimate 2’s Getting A ‘Particular Chronicle Field’, However There is No Sport Integrated

1© Granzella

As we get nearer to R-Sort Ultimate 2’s release, Granzella has begun kicking its release arrangements into tools. Confirming a Jap unencumber date of April 29th by means of Famitsu, it has now published it will be accompanied by way of a “Particular Chronicle Field”.

Retailing at ¥16,830 – which more or less is available in round $160 / £117 – it comes with 6 other pieces in general. That features a theme track CD by way of MCU – a member of hip hop’s Kick The Can Workforce – along a number of throwbacks to previous R-Sort entries, making this one for the long-term fanatics. Oh, and with this being 2021, it naturally comes with a face masks.

Here is what you’ll be expecting inside:

  • MCU x R-Sort symbol track CD
  • R-Sort chronicle T-shirt
  • R-Sort brand decal
  • Face duvet masks
  • R-Sort Ultimate 2 PC Engine package-styled keychain
  • Reprinted arcade leaflets of R-Sort, R-Sort II, R-Sort Leo, and Armed Police Unit Gallop

We will have to additionally observe that the Particular Chronicle Field is not a unique version for R-Sort Ultimate 2. Regardless that each are launching at the similar date, this new set does not come with the sport itself, making it a separate merchandise. We are hoping you have got accommodating wallets!

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