Prisoners of Battle in Donetsk Airport: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 101)

In dispatch 101 of “Russian Roulette,” VICE Information travels to the bomb-ridden remnants of Donetsk Airport in jap Ukraine, the place below the command of …

28 Replies to “Prisoners of Battle in Donetsk Airport: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 101)”

  1. Pretty easy to imagine with all the battle footage from the Airport. I stand with Donetsk, but Dang those cyborgs sure gave em hella of a fight!

  2. The way the DPR has treated POWs and the remains of Ukrainian soldiers is despicable and not manly. It is childish and immoral. St. Olga would even be ashamed

  3. I don't care about SS Nazi POW being used for forced labor, all I care just that girl with black hair simply so beautiful <3

  4. @8:49 -"We can see though, that these prisoner of war swaps, haven't been completed yet because, they're STILL BEING USED FOR FORCED LABOUR here in this airport".

    Allow me to remind these pro-Russian dipshits and despicable pieces of human waste, of the 3rd Geneva Convention, article 52. It states very clearly, in the FIRST FUCKING LINE:

    -"Unless he be a volunteer, no prisoner of war may be employed on labour which is of an unhealthy or dangerous nature."

    Now, forcing POW's, who probably doesn't even have a rescue worker education, to work in a bombed-out building, that obviously hasn't been secured to the point where there is no risk of it collapsing on top of them, or where they might be hit by debris from above, AND NOT HAVING BEEN SUPPLIED WITH EVEN HELMETS, can only be considered fucking dangerous work, these terrorists should at the very least be put on trial for war crimes, or better yet, seeing as they don't give two shits about the Geneva Convention, executed on the spot! Can't play by the rules? No soup for you!

  5. I am so fucking mad, how this people just give up for a worse future!!!! For Russia, they don't even care of old people and they want to be part of it…. Waooooaaw

  6. Shoot them all. Hunter Biden is the only one qualified to lead. Then blow Amy's brains out the back of her head.

  7. some day , dear Simon, u wil go to jail , under spy acuse , ur work is an ideological work for banks and ditctaturship Usa and eu

  8. The great new leaders of the DNR: standing on the sidelines, shouting commands to their actual slaves. Congrats to the liberation

  9. In every war there was war crimes you idiots! And this is not a war crime this is a retribution for their deeds, they're lucky to be alive and well these prisoners would be beheaded by ISIS in Syria, and there is someone here who compared DNR to ISIS lol I just want to say you're the biggest idiot in these comments! and if talking about Geneva convention, then all Ukranians who are responsible for the dead civilians of Donetsk and Lugansk should also be accountable for. War is hell soldier!

  10. This doesn't make sense if the people don't want to be under Ukraine government let them be it's their choice trying to force them just means that you have to commit genocide it's just totally dumb

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