Prime Restrict Three Reel Slot Device HANDPAY JACKPOT | Are living Prime Restrict Slot Play At On line casino Up To $75 BET

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PART-1 Handpay Jackpot On Three Reel Slot : ✦►
PART-2 Large Handpay Jackpot On Prime Restrict Konami Device :✦►
PART-Three Large Handpay Jackpot On Prime Restrict Mighty Money Slot :✦►
PART-Four Handpay Jackpot On Prime Restrict Lightning Hyperlink Slot : ✦►
PART-Five Giant Handpay jackpot On Prime Restrict Dragon Hyperlink Slot : ✦►

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26 Replies to “Prime Restrict Three Reel Slot Device HANDPAY JACKPOT | Are living Prime Restrict Slot Play At On line casino Up To $75 BET”

  1. Nice Jackpots and Line Hits! Keep the Old School 3 Reel Slot Play Coming! Especially the Old School High Limit Double Gold Slots! Stay Safe! S.B.

  2. I know you can afford to lose a lot of money but sometimes you win and get more than you put into the machine it's not 150 times what you're betting but machines are tight right now, if you get something move to another one. I hope you don't get mad we enjoy when you win, but there's no use on winning when you lose it right away…. and i think i commented on a video of yours yesterday to stop using that rewards cards, i guess i was right.

  3. NG have you ever noticed when someone new to the casino gets their first players card, they have beginners luck and win? I know my friends did

  4. Triple Strike is the hardest machine to hit on. I probably have ten videos with $5 Triple Strike play in them. All i have to show for is one Triple mixed Sevens. So hard to hit on!

  5. That’s how they keep track of what you spend or do in their casino, also they keep track of what they pay you out. You can spend 100k easily in one year, and get back on the high side 20k back

  6. Words Fail me mate just Horrible.I Really feel for you my Friend you try so Dam hard .For all your viewers.We all Love you mate 🥰🥰👍👍🤞🏻🤞🏻

  7. Ng see what happens when you don’t use yr player card. Do that every single time and watch the change, this way no one can monitor yr play., because I think u get screwed when they know u are playing. Be smarter than them.

  8. Ohh NG JAN you sounded very tired 😔 that must be recorded at the end of the day? Also not many people were playing. I wish you all of the luck for your last part! Hopefully it will show you the power of the bonuses!♥️

  9. Thats the thing man, once you hit the jackpot its best to move games, thats how they get people cause you end up getting too confident and blow all your earnings on the same game but get nothing lol.

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