Prime Restrict PINBALL Slot Gadget $75 Max Guess BIG HANDPAY JACKPOT | Prime Restrict Room In Bellagio On line casino

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49 Replies to “Prime Restrict PINBALL Slot Gadget $75 Max Guess BIG HANDPAY JACKPOT | Prime Restrict Room In Bellagio On line casino”

  1. You got it this time my friend, greetings from a Hispanic person, I am from Honduras Hispanic Country my language is Spanish but I live in Raleigh NC USA 💸💸👏👏

  2. I would have been more satisfied with the video if you would have just stopped after you hit the handpay how can you beat 4750 with a $400 Buy in!! Over 100 times Buy! I got excited when I hit the dragon on baccarat at 40 to 1… do you ever play Baccarat or any other table games?

  3. Narek love to watch your channel. I have elicited a couple channel because they low key spread negative vibes talking about different channels like there’s not enough for everybody. I loved tonight when I watched @Fnsslots he had on your bracelet and said show out to @Ngslots for my Power of the bonus bracelet!!! Shout out to great attitudes

  4. NG, why don't you have T shirt for lady's. All you shirts looks like for men. There are ladies that would love your " Show me the power of your bonus shirt.

  5. Nice work!
    I really wanted to see that cash cove bonus 12 spins at up to 10x sounds sick 🤑maybe in an upcoming video ! Keep up the good videos and positivity

  6. Hello NG! I love that you finally get a good pay jackpot. Fantastic win on Pinball! Good luck for more jackpot!☘️☘️☘️👍👍👍

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