Prime Prohibit Video Poker VLOG #12. Bankroll Rebuilding.

It is exhausting to consider however I spotted I hadn’t performed all of the month of September! After a string of giant losses it is time to rebuild 😉

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Amusing playing reads:
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24 Replies to “Prime Prohibit Video Poker VLOG #12. Bankroll Rebuilding.”

  1. Why are you slowly torturing yourself? You know they will come out ahead in the end unless you stop playing completely. The guy that shot up the stadium near Mandalay bay was a VP addict. He lost his fortune and decided to end his life and took people with him.

  2. Good choices! I hope you end the year up, that would give me hope and show me what could be done with discipline and good choices. Besides there's not many emotions worse then the "I shoulda quit while I was ahead" feeling. Makes for a long drive home.

  3. You can always come to Laughlin and gamble with us poor folk. Aquarius still has 10/6 Double Double Bonus dollar progressive 👍

  4. Works all day, goes to a dirt bike competition all night, then drives 100+ miles to get to a casino “after midnight” to “massacre” the machines & take the casino’s money. Now that’s a Video Poker Stud!!!🤣🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  5. "You guys don't even understand how hard it is for me to bring a wad of cash and not even tap into it." Umm, think again. LOL!! Actually the more I'm up, the harder it is to leave. I always want to push the envelope…which is why it takes a huge amount of discipline to walk away ahead vs the temptation of risking loss to chase more winning(s).

  6. Good walk bud Wait until next week and hit the FP again, roylie may come free.
    Maybe every other week, play what you gett off FP. Build points on the house.

  7. Bro, you did the right thing leaving! Take the small victory and cherish it! And yes, i do know what its like not spending ur bankroll u brought, but u feel better on the drive home knowing u still have it dont u?

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