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Play begins – 04:50
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Roland De Wolfe,Phil Hellmuth,Vanessa Rousso,Ian Frazer,Daniel Negreanu,David Benyamine,Giovanni Safina,YevgeniyTimoshenko,


Jesse Might,Luke Schwartz,


Kara Scott,

49 Replies to “Premier League Poker S4 EP10 | Complete Episode | Match Poker | partypoker”

  1. Why does the girl fold every single hand at such an alarmingly higher rate than everyone else? I've been playing for a few years now… I'm sure she knows that's not how you win right? I've legit seen her fold KQ and AJ before, first to act

  2. Sorry but Full Flush is just full of it… When Yevgeny makes that huge bet there are a TON of hands that could have got there that would have been played exactly like he played them. He called a bet of $45K on the flop, he had to have something. He could hag had any 9, 10, and king, 10,. he could have had any A,x spades… (at that time) and when the A spades comes on the end, it makes the K, 10 more likely. All those hands would have beaten De Wolfe… It was a great bet by Yevgeny, and a correct fold by De Wolfe. He lost because he checked.

  3. Yea & as arrogant as he is (helmuth) and we all know he is, he just keeps winning and where are all those naysayers, with the exception of Daniel they are gone and phil is still the winning. I just believe in giving credit where it's due because honestly I don't like phil and it's because of his personality.

  4. So interesting seeing the different ranges of players, Negreanu re-raised 88 with A2h then Rafina passes with the A4d. I know we all have different ranges but folding that A in a 3-way pot was so dumb, Rafina knows it after the flop too (straight and nut flush draw LOOOOL)

  5. If you pick these matches up mid-episode, you'll have a long wait to get the stack sizes. Why not put that info up? Agree that hearing the players should be a priority over the announcers…patience.

  6. This is good to remember that even though luke is a great player, the fact that he is a total asshole is what defines his commentary

  7. The QQ vs JJ with Daniel and David. They are saying worldclass fold..I am saying difficult but relatively easy fold.. I personally don't think Daniel does the limp shove(effectively) a whole lot. JJ is pretty weak vs his range unless he is getting frisky with AK and only AK. Maybe I am just super tight but i only see it as QQ and KK. Good fold but ya I think 90% of the time I fold that.

  8. Daniel and Phil both like to play and are good but Russo she don't play unless she has a pair in the hand. Too tight.

  9. Let's see, what characteristic does some one have to convince others, they're better than anyone in the world? Kind of wondering if his maiden name is trump.

  10. My favourite line in poker from a old Western , the money is in the pot 1 guy says I got a straight, next guy says he's got a flush and expects to win the hand, and the last guy says well hold on not so fast, I got a pair of aces and another pair of aces 😀

  11. Am I the only one who doesn't like hellmuth? All the dude does is bitch and moan. Surprised events like this still have him , dude is a cry baby.

  12. i get so annoyed when commentators try to talk and explain irrelevant stuff while a discussion between the players is happening.

  13. At the 14 minute mark last guy had K4 and you hit a full house on the turn sometimes you just have to limp in and stop playing scared and then you would have had quads on the river..dammmmmit

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