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What’s a Horse Lady? Polygon’s definitive choice of horse books, horse films, horse TV presentations, and horse toys will resolution the query.

Now you’ll be able to almost certainly acknowledge one: Her equestrian posters, her unicorn folders, and her dog-eared replica of Black Attractiveness or Saddle Membership or perhaps The Black Stallion. Defying the fairly reductive, if serviceable, label, Horse Women are available all genders. What bonds those youngsters is a eager for the Romantic Ideally suited of the equine. This Platonic horse represents a refusal to be tamed, an inherent good looks, and a superhuman power; and someone who proves themselves worthy of a horse’s accept as true with takes on the ones characteristics via proxy.

“Horse Lady” can be utilized dismissively via other people outdoor the subculture — it’s no doubt been memeified. However we all know in fact extra difficult. There are a wide variety of youngsters who lengthy to be best possible buddies with a one-ton animal with steel ft. The irony of all of it is that horse-loving youngsters are extra united via tales about horses than exact horses. However which tales?

The Horse Lady Canon explores the media that make up the root of so-called Horse Lady lifestyles. Sign up for us as we glance again on the necessities, from Black Attractiveness to My Little Pony to Lord of the Rings, and highlight a side of tradition that’s long gone overpassed and underappreciated for many years.

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