Pokémon Sword & Defend: The Crown Tundra Preview – Taking a look For Mythical Standing

Following the release of Pokémon Sword & Defend final 12 months, Sport Freak introduced the Enlargement Cross, promising two new story-driven expansions for the 1st all-new Pokémon RPGs at the Transfer. The primary growth, The Isle of Armor, used to be a a laugh addition to the mainline tale, however had a variety of issues that made it much less memorable than the bottom sport. With the second one a part of the Enlargement Cross, The Crown Tundra, Sport Freak and The Pokémon Corporate hope to ship the extra thrilling content material avid gamers crave. I used to be given the risk to look at greater than 30 mins of pictures and be told concerning the soon-to-be-released 2nd growth.

One in all my primary criticisms of the Isle of Armor used to be that it felt virtually aimless in the way it delivered the tale. You got a free narrative when you launched into a chain of fetch quests, however in the end, the tale felt tenuous at easiest, handiest helping push you in the course of the mundane missions on the general encounters. Against this, the Crown Tundra is extra story-centric than the Isle of Armor, and offers you a couple of other quests to embark on. You get started out on an journey with Peony, a former Galar fitness center chief, as you find out about Dynamax Adventures and paintings to discover the mysteries of the brand new Mythical Pokémon Calyrex and its affect at the space. On most sensible of the ones storylines, you even have the challenge of finding out extra about and fighting the Galarian variations of the Mythical hen trio from the first-gen video games: Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

Pokémon Sword & Shield: The Crown Tundra

Gamers can get admission to the Crown Tundra once they achieve Wedgehurst in Sword & Defend’s primary tale. If you trip to the Crown Tundra, your Pokédex updates with the extra creatures discovered within the space and also you meet the eccentric Peony, who’s gearing up for an expedition into Pokémon dens to search out the Mythical Pokémon hidden within the Galar area. You trip to the city of Freezington, positioned within the west of the Crown Tundra. There, you stumble upon Calyrex. The pictures cuts out, however Peony comes operating out, announcing he heard a combat. Calyrex wastes little time, possessing Peony and talking thru him and surroundings the participant up for the hunt surrounding the brand new Mythical monster.

From there, the pictures I am observing leaps to the second one journey, which makes a speciality of the Galarian kinds of the Mythical birds. This quest, known as A Mythical Tree of a Mythical 3, starts with a cutscene round a large, red tree. Moltres and Zapdos get away right into a battle, sooner than Articuno crashes the birthday celebration. Then again, sooner than lengthy, they understand you are observing, they usually disperse to other portions of the Crown Tundra. The Pokémon Corporate likens the strategies of encountering the Mythical trio to the way you encountered the Mythical canines within the Johto area.

Pokémon Sword & Shield: The Crown Tundra

Choosing up at the path of the Mythical trio, I watch as a participant makes an attempt to trace down the Galarian Zapdos, which turns out impressed through an ostrich, within the Rolling Hills. The participant makes an attempt to come back at it from in the back of, however every time, the Zapdos notices the participant and flees. There is not any manner the participant can stay alongside of the rate of the Zapdos on foot, in order that they bounce on their motorcycle and try to minimize the Mythical hen off, however it is more uncomplicated stated than performed, since its pace combines with craftiness. As soon as the participant in any case catches as much as the fleet-of-foot hen, a combat ensues.

Very similar to the Isle of Armor, the Crown Tundra is structured like one massive Wild House, with Pokémon roaming unfastened throughout more than one biomes, together with snowy mountainsides, huge fields, and winding caverns, by which you are unfastened to discover. As a result of this, you’ll camp all around the space. Within the video, I am getting to peer the energetic character of Galarian Slowking as he trots round camp, taking part in fetch. Galarian Slowking can end up treasured in combat, because the Poison/Psychic-type Pokémon could have a capability known as Curious Medication, which eliminates stat adjustments from all allies when it enters the battlefield.

Pokémon Sword & Shield: The Crown Tundra

Subsequent, I am given a have a look at probably the most expected new options: Dynamax Adventures. Because it seems, the Crown Tundra is house to a ton of Mythical Pokémon from throughout all the sequence’ historical past. The catch? You need to challenge deep into mysterious Pokémon dens and combat thru hordes of Dynamaxed Pokémon with a view to to find and catch them. In Dynamax Adventures, you crew up with 3 different running shoes as you’re employed thru branching paths of Max Raid Battles the use of a Pokémon you borrow from the expedition crew; unfortunately you can’t carry your personal Pokémon into those dens. 

After you win a Max Raid Struggle, you select whether or not you need to change your borrowed Pokémon out for the only you simply stuck, or lift on. You need to be strategic together with your choices, now not handiest will have to you bear in mind what varieties are at the street forward (you’ll pan up at the map for making plans functions), however HP and standing results lift over into next battles. Within the Dynamax Journey I watch, the running shoes combat thru a gauntlet of Haunter, Cramorant, and Tauros sooner than achieving the general combat in opposition to Uxie. 

Pokémon Sword & Shield: The Crown Tundra

Some paths provide you with encounters with different characters, like this Scientist, who can change out your drained Pokémon for a recent one

If 4 Pokémon are knocked out over the process the Dynamax Journey, the running shoes are kicked out and will have to get started all over again. If you are a success for your expedition, you’ll select one Pokémon from the journey to stay. You additionally gain a number of pieces, such because the Talent Patch, a brand new merchandise that adjustments a Pokémon’s current talent to a unprecedented talent. 

If you whole the tale of the Pokémon Sword & Defend, The Isle of Armor, and The Crown Tundra, a brand new post-game problem unlocks in the principle sport of Pokémon Sword & Defend. Leon problems a problem to all fitness center leaders within the Galar area to mix their powers to transform much more ambitious foes for would-be champions, and the Galarian Megastar Match is born. The Pokémon Corporate claims that is the toughest problem in Sword & Defend thus far, as avid gamers crew up with different running shoes they have got encountered over the path in their adventure to tackle fitness center chief duos, in addition to different professional running shoes they have got encountered on their adventure together with Hop and Mustard. Within the demo I noticed, I watched the participant teacher crew up with Hop to combat a crew of Milo and Nessa, adopted through a crew of Gordie and Bea. I am not positive what different demanding situations look ahead to on the finish, or if there is an final praise to conquering those demanding situations, however I am excited to as soon as once more take a look at my teacher talents in opposition to the sturdy solid of leaders from the Galar area.

Pokémon Sword & Shield: The Crown Tundra

Pokémon Sword & Defend: The Crown Tundra is to be had the following day as part of the Enlargement Cross. For extra at the first a part of the Enlargement Cross, The Isle of Armor, head right here. For extra on Pokémon Sword & Defend, take a look at our evaluation. To be told all concerning the behind-the-scenes main points that went into making Sword & Defend, take a look at our unique protection hub.

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