Plunder the Depths of an Accursed Temple in Curse of the Lifeless Gods

Grasp your torch secure, explorer, lest you lose your soul plundering the temple’s inky depths.

Curse of the Lifeless Gods releases as of late on Xbox Sequence X|S and Xbox One, and all folks at Passtech Video games can’t wait so that you can see our take at the roguelike dungeon crawler. This can be a common style – one who we adore too – so as of late we’d like to turn you ways Curse of the Lifeless Gods sticks out as a novel and exciting revel in not like every other.

Curse of the Dead Gods

As you delve deeper into the temple, it is going to tempt you with robust guns and relics with helpful bonuses. Should you don’t have sufficient gold, the temple will settle for your blood as cost. Alas, the extra blood you give, the extra corrupted you transform. Although you don’t sacrifice blood, every door you move via on the finish of a room will upload on your corruption meter. As soon as complete, you’ll get your first curse impact.

There are lots of curses, maximum of them considerably impacting the way you play and engage with the opposite gameplay programs, corresponding to traps, or gentle and darkness. The consequences will also be fatal however are extra continuously about adapting to new cases. For every champion you defeat, you’ll be cleansed of 1 curse of your opting for, however for those who achieve 5 curses, your existence will begin to drain till loss of life comes… tick-tock, explorer.

Curse of the Dead Gods

Those double-edged swords supply an enchanting balancing act that you just should continuously be taking into consideration. As an example, “Darkish Fervour” will motive you to passively achieve corruption through the years however going via a door now not provides extra corruption. “Raging Temple,” any other curse, turns prior to now innocuous statues into fire-spitting deathtraps.

Any other standout characteristic of Curse of the Lifeless Gods is its environmental gameplay. Your torch lighting up your rapid atmosphere, and you’ll be able to use it to set braziers and enemies aflame. But even so taking extra harm in darkness, you can also’t see traps in it. With spiked flooring, flame-belching statues, poison-spitting contraptions, and extra, you’ll need to pay attention to your atmosphere, particularly since those will also be became in opposition to your enemies.

Curse of the Dead Gods

Whilst Curse of the Lifeless Gods is for sure a difficult sport, we needed to offer quite a lot of fascinating and distinctive choices for each run, moderately than handiest expanding your energy step by step through the years. As you defeat champions and executives, you’ll achieve two varieties of forex: Crystal Skulls and Jade Rings.

Crystal Skulls’ number one use is to liberate blessings. Each and every blessing is related to one of the crucial temple’s Gods of Surprise and grants you a distinct, divine energy to praise you in your earlier explorations. “Indomitable” restores part your well being after defeating a champion or boss. Pair this with “Present of Transmutation”, which turns surplus well being into gold, for a nifty combo. You’ll handiest allow 3 blessings at a time, so discover your choices and make a choice properly. You’ll additionally use your Crystal Skulls to expose weapon altars, which amplify your choice of beginning guns prior to you get started a run. A weapon can handiest seem on an altar if it has first been unlocked. 

Curse of the Dead Gods

As for the Jade Rings, use them to liberate a spread of unique guns. Each and every time you liberate a weapon, it is going to transform conceivable to search out throughout the Temple.

It’s the combo of those mechanics, their overlap, and the sleek, dynamic and tactical battle on the core of all of it, that make Curse of the Lifeless Gods distinctive. We are hoping you’ve loved this style of what the Temple has to supply. Discover it for actual now on Xbox One!

Curse of the Dead Gods

Xbox Live

Curse of the Lifeless Gods

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You search untold riches, everlasting existence, divine powers – it ends up in this accursed temple, a seemingly-infinite labyrinth of bottomless pits, fatal traps, and monsters.

Your greed will lead you to loss of life, however that isn’t an break out. Upward push to combat once more. Delve deeper once more. Defy the malignant deities that linger on this position. Struggle via hordes of enemies in darkish, cavernous passages stuffed with traps and secrets and techniques of all types – fire-spewing statues, explosives, hidden spikes, and worse.

Acquire mystical Relics and an arsenal of guns to make your self unstoppable. Corruption builds in you with each step – inspire or forget about it, however every robust curse generally is a double-edged sword.

– A skill-based roguelike exploring a merciless, darkish temple made from unending rooms and corridors
– Swords, spears, bows, weapons – wield those and lots of extra
– Distinctive curses affect every try, placing a twist on each motion
– Dozens of enemies, with robust champions and fatal bosses to stand off in opposition to

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