49 Replies to “Pleasant Rivers | Rampage Poker Vlog”

  1. Love the content! Forgive me because Iā€™m new to the channel but what are the ā€œobvious reasonsā€ you love pocket 4s?

  2. Don't know if you realize that you referred to yourself as a "real crushed" by proxy. You said that the dude you were playing with has a WSOP bracelet so he must be a real crusher. Love you and your content but a good tournament run does not a real crusher make….haha. I know thats not what you meant but gotta laugh

  3. can you please take a close up picture of the $100.00 bill that is on your back wall over your right shoulder for me please ? I collect money and I am curious to see what that is

  4. Crushing it man! Sometimes a little luck is bette than playing your cards correctly. Iā€™m mattybeezer byw… who sent you the message about being stoked for you on IG. Itā€™s been fun watching your stakes get higher as time has progressed. Keep it up!

  5. Hey Ethan, I'm a 21 year old college senior at UT Austin. And I've been playing a ton of live poker at The Texas Card House in ATX, but I've never used a card placeholder! Would love to represent w the chip, as a young poker player grinding at the card house you are a huge inspiration to me. Hopefully next year I can be playing for my own bracelet!

  6. I didnā€™t enter the giveaway because we donā€™t ā€œneed itā€. But awesome you did that for people but I would rock a chip. It had to feel good when dnegs references your win in his vlog. Keep it up.

  7. Why do you only play for three hours or four hours you always play only for a little bit and that makes me think that you really do not take poker serious or you are just scared to play for a long period of time if it is not going your way you must have another job because youā€™re not a full-time poker player so you need to just stick to your full-time job because if you go and do poker do it all the way give it 100% like anything in life so your quickies that you do Is not good for the game

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