Playing Websites in Counter-Strike Rant

CS:GO has been plagued by means of controversy through the years, from matchfixing scandals, to scummy playing website online scams. A lot of that is the direct results of a …

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  1. i dont think that the gambling sites should be persecuted if valve itself has cases, in the game. it is hypocritical for valve to shut down the casino sites if they have cases, trade ups, drops, etc.

  2. This dude is spilling some facts and logic. Congrats for not being a fucking sellout and actually caring about your content and audience.

  3. Its crazy to see this video today. I am now 18 years old and started csgo gambling when I was about 12-13. And when you look back at it now how many sites where exposed of being rigged and having some advantages for youtubers in place so they always win and all that stuff. I can definetly say from the bottom of my heart and with all my hate towards such sites that I have now: If I knew that stuff back in the day I wouldve run my own site and scamming people ngl. Im one of the most honest people I know but I know for sure if the oppertunity wouldve came back then for me to start my own site and scam 1000s of dollars every day in an unregulated market without paying taxes and shit that I wouldve too done that.

    Though I dont know If I would do that If I wasnt being scammed for 5+ years and every cent I put in to csgo wouldve still been in my pocket.


  4. the real problem is valve making the skins into an "economy". like a fucking drawing on a fake gun or knife is not worth thousands of dollars. should just be normal DLC. really fucked up

  5. Sometimes I feel bad why cant I trade in fortnite
    But now I think they had to do it in order to stop this since it already is a game made for kids

  6. in the netherlands All gambling is illigal, unless its a casino or a scratch card of the goverment lol. all money you loze goes straight to the goverment

  7. That end speech there makes so many great points. It’s one of the reasons why e sports should be considered sports. You get better, and put in the effort and work.

  8. 2020 and cs:go skins scams/gambling is still active 🙁
    A lot of advertisements in game and workshop maps…

    I report the ones advertising in game with their names. Valve has yet to ban them

  9. wow war owl is so kind he goes through every step and makes weeks of videos how to play the game and showing us how to own noobs then he stands up for us and protects the children that watch his content

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