Playing, Trump, Seinfeld, and Leno: Norm Macdonald Sits Down With Larry

In an interview without delay touching and hilarious, Norm Macdonald opens up about writing his memoir, shedding all of it to playing, and the chasm between Donald Trump’s private and non-private character. Plus, is Norm popping out of the closet?

At the start Aired – 10/17/16

22 Replies to “Playing, Trump, Seinfeld, and Leno: Norm Macdonald Sits Down With Larry”

  1. I pulled another one out of the vault to bring you the great Norm Macdonald! What did you think of his comments? Make sure to comment below and subscribe for more videos!

  2. Larry King, who's been in broadcasting his whole life doesn't seem to even be aware that the news media is a propaganda machine. He talks here about "Why is Trump's campaign racist." Uh, no… Trump's campaign wasn't racist, but yes, CNN and MSNBC say it over and over so it must be true. This is the biggest problem we have right now, is the masses cannot tell the difference between actual events and what CNN told them happened, which are, 97% of the time, not the same thing.

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