33 Replies to “Playing @ The Wynn Phase 2”

  1. The comeback continues in part three, enjoyed the video, can’t wait for the next one. Harrahs New Orleans was a huge success with 21K of handpays. Coming your way in two weeks to Harrahs River Valley.

  2. You should give roulette a shot sometime ! I know you can’t film most likely … but it’s a fun game and the payouts are awesome if you are betting on numbers straight up . Throw $400 down and bet Atleast 3-4 chips($5) on a few numbers and let me know how it goes if you decide to try it .

  3. When getting a line hit why do you tube slot players say nice 1000.00 line hit when the don't deduct the amount of the bet?….1000.00 line hit on a 20.00 bet is really a 980.00 hit…..or am I mistaken?….thanks for sharing

  4. The Wynn Red Card only lets you use your points for free play so don't miss out. 'Don't fall into the trap.' Unfortunately when you are on the casino floor they are everywhere. Thanks for the video. Best of it always.

  5. Love watching you guys look so forward to y'all space I live in North Carolina and I go to Cherokee quite a bit and it is just not very good there right now there are just not paying out anything nor are they giving you your free play that you should be getting I don't go over to the other one too much I think it's too small but we've got some more casinos that's going to be coming in the east coast area within the next few years so hopefully that will change the composition of everything a good good luck to you guys when big win big

  6. Y'all are making me miss Vegas SO much. Always have a great time at the Wynn and Charlies is always delicious whenever I have eaten there in the past. I love that it's right by the sports book too. Super fun.

  7. Good video as always! Those Red Hot 21s are tough to hit but can pay up to 12XX depending on the poker hand you're dealt. I suggest trying a low denomination game to get the hang of it. It can be rewarding at times.

  8. Looking forward to your MGM video. I have always had some luck there. Couple of hand pays. By the way I don't think I'll be visiting Vegas until they have a vaccine available. Have you seen the Labor Day videos that have been circulating? I think it's gotten worse since you've been there. I really miss the old Vegas…

  9. No Doubt, I like watching your play by plays. Haven't heard you say Full-Tilt 🎰 in awhile. 😉

    I hope you and Mrs, break their bank! Good 👍 Luck!

  10. Nice line hit..decent slot tip..Good luck at the green monster.Question..will the casinos allow you to use a tripod or is it always a body cam?

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