Playing on an RV I purchased sight unseen! Flying Wheels

I purchased a 36′ Bounder Fleetwood Elegance A Motor House RV from the 1990s with a Ford V10 at a broker public sale however I didnt have a look at it first. Used to be it a win or a loss in this one?
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20 Replies to “Playing on an RV I purchased sight unseen! Flying Wheels”

  1. Got a question not related to this video.
    Here in Ohio I've been looking for a 3/4 x 1 ton diesel crewcab, Ford or GM around a 2017-19.
    I'm finding a lot of vehicles coming from Canada lately.
    What's the story, and are they safe to purchase.

  2. Bouncing dash is not unheard of in fleetwood. We had a brand new 2014 fleetwood gas that was bouncing during the 1st year of ownership! Will never buy fleetwood again! Hope for the best on reselling.

  3. You either need better help or start paying the workers more. I don’t understand how the workers can not follow simple instructions.

  4. Keep it up great job you inspired my son at the age of 15 he always loved cars from 2yr old and now he is hoping to try to start his very soon when he graduates high school.

  5. Great flip brother but definitely could have gotten more!! Buuuuut..bird in the hand is difference between a sharp dealer and the losers that hold inventory for 6 months. Well done

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