Playing on a on line casino bailout.

Playing on a on line casino bailout.

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  1. I have to agree with this, why would he do it.? But here again, it comes down to the same question that has been hindering this government since it's conception, and that is, Why do they do half the stupid things that they do, and why don't they do the other half of the smart things that they Should Do, but don't??? This Liberal government is broken, and the biggest reason is because of who they have at the helm. He has and will continue to hurt Canadian people with his unreasonable spending, and idiotic investments. But after all is said and done, we still have the Liberal minded sheep that will vote Liberal no matter what, and that has got to be concerning for everyone in Canada who is awake and see's what is, and has been transpiring, under Trudeau's leadership.

  2. But he legalized marijuana in just 4 yrs and tried to bring in 50,000 Syrians . Now that's a business plan.. .“It's Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.” – Mark Twain….
    TURDO , MR. TAM , and JUGHEAD GOTTA GO or there will be no money left for social programs , green energy and a Canada Pension Plan.

  3. While I disagree with a government bailing out any industry or business, I understand these are different times and government imposed rules relating to the pandemic make it hard for many businesses to operate at a profit. However, this money could have been used to save hundreds of small businesses that are forced to follow strict social distancing rules that limit their potential revenue. Maybe I am biased due to what gambling has done to my family but using public funds to bail out a company that profits off of exploiting an addiction is just something I will never get behind when there are so many places that provide an actual service that are ready to shutter their doors due to this pandemic and the government's rules surrounding it.

  4. Literally speaks nothing of substance to the matter in question. Just spews more gibberish. Can’t believe people just eat that up.

  5. Well, the wordsmithing was entertaining. The question of course was not answered. Trudumb takes care of his liberal support mafia. Wake up Canada, you are being fleeced on the grandest scale.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA . Pierre Bravo that was fabulous. Liberals are the enemy of Canadians ,They give the money to the casino to control the jackpot result with is fanatic sheep with Canadians money AGAIN.WOW they are really Evil .Blank page to be again True, Big gift to spread corruption and chaos. THEY ARE THE ENEMY OF CANADA .Canada is bankrupted drained under the Liberals who is controlling the majority of banking in the Country. That why he have admiration for China ,the inverse story of Taiwan .

  7. Lock at the idiots sitting on the left, all smiling at stealing our hard-earned money to give to the CCP regime in Chi-nah.

  8. Hey Trudy! I never gave you permission to spend my hard earned tax dollars on complete uselessness. Give me a damned receipt!!! If you spend 1 more dollar without asking permission from the people, my God let's hope I never cross paths with you!!

  9. If Pierre was a stand up comic, there would be no shortage of subject matter with Justin.

    Anyone else notice an absence of Erin O'Tool ? He's suppose to be the leader, yet he seems to be awol, or maybe he's at the casino?

  10. What does CHINA have to do with this .They have a history of gambling etc and who in Trudeau's family and circle gains from this? Who is benefiting from the money laundering.

  11. And this global pimp gives a casino 200 million so you can go and lose what little money you have left, what a great economy saver.

  12. Trudeau: "We recognize the ughh, the extraordinary situation that Canadians are facing."

    Also Trudeau: Gives failing Casino $200M of Canadians tax dollars.

  13. Trudeau is such a clown.. he deserves the gallows.. i will be gathering for chistmmas whether you like it or not Trudeau

  14. Did anyone else catch that bit of foreshadowing? We're not even through (at time of my post) Thanksgiving yet, and all ready Justin is talking about how Christmas might be cancelled too. Guess what Folks, Halloween and Christmas is in Justin's sights and will be cancelled. Well for anyone that is not on the liberal government payroll that is.

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