Playing NBA Ref Tim Donaghy Recaps Reffing The Malice At The Palace & How The FBI Stuck Him

Former NBA Referee Tim Donaghy explains the chaos of The Malice At The Palace and main points how the FBI ultimately stuck as much as his playing staff.

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40 Replies to “Playing NBA Ref Tim Donaghy Recaps Reffing The Malice At The Palace & How The FBI Stuck Him”

  1. NBA fans also think the refs pick and choose who they want to win, hahahaha if that was the case, why doesnt any of the refs ever get fired… It is because they are following the script given to them by the League… The NBA is the exact same product as the WWE… Remember John Cena's monologue from the ESPY's a few years ago when he said that the WWE is no different than sports, he wasnt joking like most clowns thought he was..

  2. NBA fans are sooo dumb that they think this guy was the only one that fixed games when in reality, every ref fixes games, this guy was just the fall guy becuz he bet on the games… Joey Crawford and Scott Foster are known to fix games, it is no coincidence that Joey retired the same year Kobe did… Every time LA was in a must win game in the playoffs, Joey was there reffing it and favoring the Lakers

  3. My takeaway is that Tim Donaghy was just a middle man. The big players we're making millions off these games and never got caught.

  4. Why would he still be gambling? The only reason he made money was because he had inside information. Unless he was still friends with referees and obtaining information, there's no reason for him to throw money away… Plus the FBI is probably monitoring all his bets too…

  5. Refs still gamble today and there is no way to even know if it is occurring. No way that games meet the lines right on target if it wasn't occurring. Yes analytics help with it a little but you have no clue what is and isn't happening

  6. Do you still gamble?Do you gamble on sports?”No” He’s lying. Watch how he looks to the right just before he answers.A true sign that he’s lying.

  7. He is lying his butt off lmao he said he made 100k or around 2 or 3k but as a referee you make that in one NBA game or more what a joke he is lol

  8. This guy is such a lier .. keeps saying oh the nba found I didn't do bad calls to effect the game and called it the same even if I had money on it … Lmao the NBA hadda find that they couldn't say oh he did this and rigged games … And the fbi just followed the us goverment didn't wanna kill the NBA

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