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My identify is Alex Conran. Since early life, I have been desirous about playing and playing cards. It were given me a role presenting The Actual Hustle, which warns folks the best way to keep away from getting conned. It is all a bit of ironic if you already know about my dad. My father was once a playing addict who become a con guy and ended up in prison. So, what was once this urge that drove my dad clear of me? His has been a lifetime of playing and crime. However, may I be underneath its spell too? If I did, it might make me certainly one of part one million folks in the United Kingdom estimated to be drawback gamblers.

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24 Replies to “Playing Habit & Me: The Actual Hustler | Most effective Human”

  1. Holy Hell, is the UK scary saturated in gambling. A lot like Japan too. They keep opening more and more casinos in the US, just to raise "revenue"….

  2. Yea but, would you really want other people telling you what you can and can’t do? Imagine if we decided to “not allow” people who we deem “have problems” do things. Anything can be done excessively, it’s on society, not the govt.

  3. So right bro ! There should be more documentaries like this ! People with the power to do something won’t cause there’s to much money being made from it ! Great doco

  4. I'm a hard worker that works for myself. Gambling ruined my 1st marriage,drove me into bankruptcy,and drove people I loved away from me. This was around 20 something years ago( I was 25-30 years old then …am 49 now). I used to stay at the casino for 2 and 3 days at a time. Sometimes leave with lots of money but most of the time dead broke with credit cards maxed out ( which is why I filled my gas tank up before I got to the casino as the casino was 3 hour drive from my home.) I tried gamblers anonymous, I tried everything but nothing worked. Finally I turned to Jesus Christ and HE is the ONLY solution for this terrible addiction.I don't worry about all the money so much as I do all the time I wasted. Life is too short! Thank God I'm free from that. Also been cigarette free for almost 11 years. I remember smoking 5 packs a day in the casino without taking time to eat or even take my seizure medication.

  5. I stay away from casinos like they’re the damn plague. Why lose money when I can actually spend it on something useful like drugs and alcohol.

  6. Learn to day trade options on the S&P…it's like gambling, but with way better odds and payouts and controls of the game and outcome.

  7. This video deserves to go viral with much more views. I am a gambling addict and this opened up my eyes in numerous ways to discovering the problem and dealing with a mental sickness. The outcome is always bad when gambling, you will loose everything that you ever loved even the machine or tables you loved will be lost eventually in time.

  8. Look man. I understand that this guy had to indure a lot of pain growing up without a father figure but man oh man he has no idea how much his father struggled. The fact that he didn't just go to see his dad is really sad. His dad probably felt to ashamed to even reach out and say a word. Personally I think it's a selfish way to go about it. Your father is in the hospital and you decide not to see him because it's too upsetting. Like really? I really don't wanna paint this guy as something that his probably not.

    The primary reason for this comment is that people who has family members that struggle with gambling needs to understand that sometimes they do get all the money back which they've lost. That guy we all saw on the streets who lost 1 million dollars. He won that after he was probably down a couple of thousand. So that's the thing about gambling. You do get a thrill but sometimes the very thing that's trying to kill you can also save you! I won 30 grand on 2 spins. I know the feeling of winning the money and having the urge to play it and make some more.

    If you are a problem gambler as myself I would love to share the tips that helped me.

    1} Don't try to stop gambling BUT know that you are playing with fire

    2} Gamble BUT gamble smart. Know how much you can lose. And only play with that. {This is probably the hardest step but I would go so far as to say give your money to someone stubborn that will refuse to give you money if you ask for it. BUT be careful not to bully that person.

    3} Never ever drink while you are playing. If you're going to drink while you're playing then you WILL lose it all.

    4} If you win then take that money to pay of debt and with the rest go and buy yourself things. Like a new computer, iphone, monitor, gaming keyboard Whatever you desire as fast as possible. I cannot stress this enough!!! Spend your winnings on items the second you win a lot of money. Do not hesitate to buy your family gifts and overspend like a crazy person. {This is to minimize the risk that you will play it again and have to endure the pain of losing it again.

    5} Bury your winnings. Now guys I know I know that this one is a bit weird but when I say bury it then I mean really bury it in an airtight container a couple of meters under the ground. As far into the ground as possible. If you feel like just digging it up to go play with it then remind yourself that that money is just there in case of an emergency where life or death is involved. Or send the money to a relative overseas whom you truly trust {AND WILL NEVER GAMBLE HIMSELF} This way it will make you go through a lot of effort to gamble and hopefully the impulse is gone at the time that you have the money.

    Hope this helps yall and please go with the mindset that is in Philippians 4:12 "I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."

    Never forget that verse cause it will help you deal with losing it all.
    Best of luck. If you want to email me email me at [email protected]

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