Playing Habit In spite of everything Paid Off

That is the best gold of All Time

41 Replies to “Playing Habit In spite of everything Paid Off”

  1. Loses his best gladiator, loses all his money to gambling, can't even fck the prostitute he paid for, gets stuck multiple times in a row can't win his money back because he has no more energy and is depressed and the next morning right when he wakes up his uncle just collapses and dies. Wife and Grandfather also die and more gladiators

  2. So I was driving down i4 with my girlfriend and I saw this sign, an advertisement for this little faimly restraunt called boardwalk burgers. Nothing extraordinary just a little burger joint, where homeless people throw some burger Pattys on the formen, and I look at this sign I analyse it and with my razor sharp wits I say: boardwalk burgers more like bored burgers cause those burgers aren't having any fun.

  3. Guys there is a game similar to this, but much better, I’ve forgotten the name but I have always meant to buy it. Anyone know the name?

  4. This has the perfect design for a martingale betting strategy — either slows churn your way up to being rich or have a epic video of like 10 straight incorrect "even" calls

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