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Alexis Conran is surely somebody you do not need to be enjoying playing cards with. Knowledgeable poker participant and a person completely at house in a on line casino, Alexis enjoys the joys that incorporates playing.

However what for Alexis is a pleasing past-time and a part of a profitable profession, ruined his father. Alexis’s Greek father was once a playing addict who dedicated fraud to get cash for making a bet and went to jail for his crimes. Alexis has transform increasingly more fascinated by exploring the tipping level that turns the strange flutter into one thing darker and extra bad. Why can most of the people position one guess after which stroll away; when some women and men are pressured to lose their blouse, their area and their households on a dropping streak?

On this documentary, Alexis travels round Britain, to Las Vegas and to Athens in Greece. He meets playing addicts, mavens and participants of his personal circle of relatives to check out and perceive what makes playing, for some, a compulsion that may result in smash. Wish to watch extra full-length Documentaries?
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41 Replies to “Playing Dependancy & Me | The Actual Hustler (Complete Documentary) | Actual Tales”

  1. Unfortunately I have addiction for gambling and it is very sad thing , it makes me really sad when i think about the money i lost to gambling , but i keep going back to it thinking that i will win my money back and it just never happens , i totally believe that gambling and all casinos should become illegal , people, please stay away from gambling

  2. Guys.. I just want to tell you.. only 98% of the gambler is a successful gambler. They make gambling for a living because they have experience, method, strategy. If you gambling just based on enjoyed , for fun..& hope of best luck? You will never become a professional gambler? You must master the art of gambling in the 1st place, before you can make gambling for a life time living.. I'm just saying.. it's depends on individual. I'm also a addicted gambler. I know what I been through to my experience.. that's it.

  3. Let this be a lesson to anyone that’s ‘thinking’ of reconciliation with anybody …. do it now before it’s too late !!!

  4. If i a job that payed me well. I would never gamble. I stress when I have nothing. The addiction is no different to drugs…

  5. Its not about winning or losing its about gambling.18 months gamble free then i slipped up and did £6.2k online. Ive had this disease for over 35 years and im 47. Ironically i keep getting adverts for 888 while watching this.

  6. The problem with all these guys is they can’t win enough money , they want the carpet out the bookies , I have been there a 100x over .

    I used to go to Casinos and win 10k then have to walk home because I don’t have enough for a taxi .

    My thought process is “this is it , this is my time to smash the big one “

  7. Epically good, detailed & personal to Alexis documentary. Was really sad at the end with his dad dying in jail alone, really speaks volumes about the cronic, compulsive & obsessive life of a gambler… Shows you where you can end up.
    I've been a drug addict, of all drugs, espically cocaine & heroin… Years I wasted on heroin, about a decade… I'm clean now, have been for years but I ended up replacing it with gambling.
    I think I have an addictive personality… Its casinos & online I'm attracted to… Roulette & blackjack.
    Even typing the word casino gets my heart going, I love the atmosphere of a real casino, love everything about it.
    I've done the gamstop thing but there are ways round this, using my mums details & some online casino abroad don't do gamstop.
    I've achieved a life free from drugs but I can't seem to stop gambling… U couldn't make it up man.

  8. Gambling ruined my life. No I wasn’t the gambler . My dad was . We had everything a perfect house , perfect family. I saw my dad invite his friends a lot to play poker. 2012 my dad went to a poker convention and we lost everything . We moved to smaller and smaller houses . Now my dad is single taking care of us , divorced , and we are living in a small apartment in poverty . I hate gambling and he still does it .

  9. Im still addicted.. Most i've lost in a day, or I mean 2-3 hours, is 7,8K.. Still have days where I can't buy food clothes and even toothpaste for myself.. Guys, gambling is seriously dangerous. Don't look at streamers or anything else what has to do with casino's..

  10. Am just a big victim who really needs a lot of help it has cut my relationship with many including family members,friends government etc "very big evil indeed

  11. These CASINOS AND STORES which sell Scratch cards are TRIGGERS for Gamblers. Get rid off all Casinos and problem SOLVED. Just like Eliminating possiblity of Explosion by taking away the ignition sources.

  12. When you Gamble, you re betting not just your own future but the future of your loved ones too. Most people don't realize this.

  13. You have to come to North Macedonia small state above Greece, and you will see casino and a sport bet on every second step, not proud of it! 🙄

  14. Only winners in gambling are HMRC and the people who license slot machines!! Even the owners don’t win because of all the license money and tax they have to give to the government!

  15. Every single advert on this viddies has been a big slots gambling advert, I’ve always had a problem with gambling fruit machines being my worst, my uncle used to say just look at the fruit machine as a box with lights in it and instead of putting £50 + into it go to the duke box and put £20 in that, sadly it never worked and I know i can never go into a pub by myself because I’m not going in for that pint I’m going in to play the fruitys,

    The only thing that has made me stop a life time of fruit machines, is watching fruity slots on YouTube and the bandit/ and other channels I found that as long as someone was playing the slots I could stand nxt to them and I would not need to put a £ in same wen I’m watching the gambling channels on YouTube I’m watching them, and ever since I’ve not put a £ in its been 3 yrs I’m not cured I never will be but I’m not afraid to go into a pub by myself again

  16. I do fruit machines but only with my spare change in my wallet, if I had 80p let’s say I would put it in and if I gained £2 I would cash out and walk away. But I find it really fun but I don’t think I’m addicted

  17. Text me i have big story for you !!!! And I know how to help the people !!! All bookies!!!! Or some loyer!!! Just text me!!😉😉😉😉🤔🤔🤔🤔

  18. I have a problem gambling on the machines . I’ve self excluded from all bookmakers yet I still can walk in and go on the machines by driving two miles down the road and going into another one of there shops . The staff don’t check even though I’ve filled out forms with a picture of myself attached to it. I’ve contacted GAMSTOP online to stop myself gambling online they needed id from me and proof of address sent it all to them then rang them up they told me I would blocked in 72 hrs three months later they sent me an email saying my time to apply had ran out and would need to do the whole process again. They don’t want you to stop every pound you win the government gets 20p so why would they help problem gamblers . The machines need banning from the country .but how to start up a campaign when the government makes money from it is beyond me. Does anyone have any ideas on what can be done to take this further please comment I’m serious these machines are horrible yet I will still go on them . I need some one high profile like Alex in this programme please let’s gets these banned there more addictive than drugs

  19. I've got gambling problems there's no room for anything less than 100 bills in my wallet and my local casino doesn't want me playing there anymore lol

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