Playing At The Cherokee's Section 2

That is Section 2 of two of an area run at our on line casino!
Take a look at Section One right here:

40 Replies to “Playing At The Cherokee's Section 2”

  1. Your a gambling addict…I can tell because I am one as well…I'm tired of being broke due to this addiction…Stop making videos that spread this addiction…I love watching just as much as playing…That is the fuel for this addiction…

  2. Glad you went out a winner, some people don't know how to take the money and run. I've been to Murphy twice in the last 5 weeks, I like it but the comps are lousy. Gamble all day and don't have enough rewards to get a sandwich. Staff are very nice though.

  3. So happy to see your videos on a regular basis again! Good luck in Vegas!! Did y’all mention that you were doing live slot video again?

  4. Murray you got good chance to supersede other slot channels. Your def better and more entertaining in that it seems like your gambling with your own money. NG and slotlady don’t speak of free a lot play or their comps. Your videos seem more authentic and relatable to viewer. Only difference they are multi posting daily. Perhaps you can start playing the newer games at slightly lower bet for longer durations. But the bonuses are what people wanna see and big wins and the food/hotel comps is the silver bullet to separate you from them. I’m beginning to consider starting my own channel, it seems fun lol

  5. East Coast Slots ….my name in Gary Knox. I requested the shout out in comment below, but YouTube account is in my son's name!! Thanks again and good luck in Vegas!!!! I got a big win there in the lobby of a hotel near Stratosphere while waiting for my brother to arrive in 1999. Good days.

  6. Hi from Northern Ireland, East Coast Slots! Any chance you could please dedicate your next hand pay to my best friend and fellow East Coast Slots fan, Stevoe Wright from Newtownards in Northern Ireland who is currently undergoing a tough time with chemotherapy. When he beats it, we have a gambling road trip to Vegas planned. Stevoe loves your channel and never misses an episode. Thanks a million, East Coast Slots! We will be rooting for you in Vegas!!

  7. I’ll be out there August 20-23. There doing there 7Star event giving away 650k in prizes. Including 9 cars. Were driving to The Beau rt now for the weekend. Good luck In Vegas👊🏻

  8. Don’t you wish every trip went like that! Solid video 👊🏻 Have you went to the tables and got cash for any of your free play vouchers yet?

  9. I always look forward to your videos. Atlantic City is opening up July 2nd.

    I also look forward to the Vegas live steam, it’s been 4 years since I’ve gone there. Miss Vegas so much. Good luck out there!

  10. Congrats on the wins! Everything up here in Canada is still closed, so I haven't seen the inside of a casino since mid March. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, or a bad thing, because I never win anything anymore. I tried online casinos, and said the hell with that pretty quickly. Looking forward to the Vegas 3.0!

  11. I once got back to back bonuses on Black Widow. It was the penny version and it was a while back so I don't remember how well either of them paid, I was just shocked that it landed on two consecutive spins. At Cherokee no less.

  12. The view on the drive was magnificent. Glad you left up. Hope your Vegas trip is a success. Can't wait for the live. Masks will be mandatory indoors in NV by the time you fly in.

  13. Great bounceback session! I think security is good luck because they're always around when you're winning. 😂 Best of luck in Vegas!

  14. The drive along the River was so pretty! Good to see you back & even better to see the luck-tide turn in your favor. I have a feeling you’re going to do great in Vegas!! 😊😊😊

  15. brother I just got back from Murphy a lot less action than Cherokee that’s for sure, only saw one handpay the whole time I was there, I left slightly ahead which is better than leaving busted! congrats on your wins and can’t wait for the livestream!

  16. Great luck in Vegas!!! Try a different casino…like a casino that you would never good too. All that glitters is not gold👍

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