Playing At The Cherokee's Phase 1

That is Phase 1 of two of an evening at our native on line casino!

32 Replies to “Playing At The Cherokee's Phase 1”

  1. Definitely Cherokee…lol. Absolute WORST casino on the east coast. But we got a new one coming!!!! Kings Mountain be here next year..woohoo. Cherokee tried to fight it but they broke ground last week. Cherokee has never had to pay anything out, they have no competition. In over a decade playing there I've hit one handpay and over a grand only like 3 times. We're locals and everyone here knows how greedy the tribal council is up here. Was there this past week and it was like this video. Love the videos bro.

  2. Can’t wait to check out some of your other videos!! You deserve way more subscribers. Do you know of SMZeus . c o m!?? It will really help you with growing your channel!!

  3. Welcome back!!!! Missed you too!!! Our local casino is open but just had 2 employees test positive so I’m not ready to go yet. I’ll live through you so let’s go and let’s win!!!!!!

  4. Brio is not very good sir it has about 6 microwaves in every kitchen PS dont put parmesan on fish pasta anyway love your slot play food review nah

  5. I know I’ve missed you and the videos. Glad you and yours are healthy. Been a long quarantine here in Michigan and the restrictions are being lifted. Being cautious still but my family are all staying healthy! Glad you’re back. Enjoy the videos and you’re previews of restaurants and all. Thankful for this entertainment!

  6. Welcome back EAST COAST!! Just got back from vegas and got crushed. Spent 8 days at caesars but got comped pretty much everything from rooms to meals, so it was not a total disaster. Cleo 2 got me good for over 1200 and not one bonus!!! Over all a good time, good meals, good cigars, and good gambling fun. The city was definitely hopping with people, some had masks but a lot didn't. Depending which casino you had to wear one while playing the table games but not in the slot areas(caesars). If you and mama like prime rib try LAWRY'S great food and great presentation, they prepare food at table side. Anyway good to have you back.

  7. Good to see you back East Coast! Have fun in Vegas, be safe out there! I canceled my trip about a month ago, I should be there as I type this 🙁 It's all good, I'll be back soon. Hopefully AC opens up soon too.

  8. Hey bud I was at Murphy June 12th I lost my butt. Machines seem like they were so tight not enough money going through them I lost like 4500 hey if you get a chance in the high-limit room I've always done well on the Sierra gold in there. Before covid-19 I hit it for like 7200. I love your channel man keep it up Good Luck win big

  9. Welcome back! Just curious why you filmed so far from the machine. I had to quit watching becauser it w as hard to see what you were betting.

  10. Gonna wait to go to casinos. Not into wearing masks and having my vitals taken to go have fun. I’ll just go to the mountains and ride atv’s and shoot guns.

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