Pinball: From Unlawful Playing Sport to a Vintage Hobby | American Obsessions

Within the sequence premiere of VICE’s American Obsessions, we check out the cherished recreation of pinball, its arguable historical past and days of corruption, and dive …

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  1. It's crazy that pinball is still illegal in some places due to gambling association but openly rigged pure chance gambling machines with one layer of abstraction (tickets) are pretty much legal everywhere

  2. The way in wich Mac Demarco describes Pinball is brilliant. I´m happy that one of my favourite artist has this level of apreciation for one of my favourite hobbies.

  3. I never thought someone could be very vocal while playing a pinball machine. Once I release the plunger, I go completely silent and my eyes are glued to the ball.

  4. Lol Mac demarcos in this. Little did they know, he’d get pretty big in the indie music community that vice would make a video with him

  5. I could see Pinball a type of gambling (if people back in the beginning/mid 1990's made money bets on high scores). I love Pinball (parents used to own bolth "Triple Strike" by William's entertainment & "Flash Gordon" by (I think) Bally when I was a kid).

  6. it is a great docu!. I have lot of Pinball videos on my side. also from Pinburgh. You are welcome to visit it.

  7. It bewilders me that older folks would think that pinball, an amusement game based on skill, is gambling. You don't get anything in return for a quarter except a score and a fun couple of minutes. The older generation is always crazy, ignore them and move on!

  8. I want to see the producers ofthese simple machines and their lobbyists and how much they gained from these sad zombies

  9. Roger Sharpe seems like an awesome and genuine person; and i respect a lot what he has done.
    I may not be a huge fan, but i have many memories of me and my dad playing pinball during summer vacations; so i am, somehow, grateful to him.

  10. My Kid can play the Shit out of a Meteor. First game I bought. Made me laugh, first Texas Pinball Festival I took him too(he was 10) he went straight to the Meteor that was there. I told him, you have that at home why play it here? Because I know the machine dad. Rolled it(not hard on Meteor, really needs a 7 digit display).

  11. What really annoys me is that they get rid of these pinball machines and they put In These god damn ticket machine. Now those are gambling machines. Ban those son!

  12. I've recently fallen in love with pinball, I've been kicking myself for all the years I've glanced at one like it was nothing special, I never realized how deep they are, the stories and the quests, the creativity and craftsmanship of the machines, the fact that you can have control, I used to think it was completely random but I've been learning that it's almost like pool in the way it plays, in a way, if that makes sense, Virtual Reality is what helped me find pinball and I'm so happy I have found it, it really feels like I've fallen in love lol, it's given me joy… I'm not really a joyous person, thanks Pinball!

  13. My city isn't allowed any arcades at all because when it was allowed appearently to many people where hanging around there and it was to much of a distraction so now I can't really ever play arcade games unless I go to another city

  14. San Francisco had laws against pinball?I wonder why?Pinball doesn't kill young women,as do the illegal aliens they embrace.

  15. They passed it, pinball is legal in San Fransisco! Did they cut out the part where the gentleman told the San Fransisco City Council that dark-skinned, homosexual, illegal aliens, with extensive criminal histories really enjoy playing pinball? They must have or it would have been voted down! LOL (That's a joke, don't hate on me!)

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