Paul, Karine, Pierre & His Tools Cross To Brazil

Assume you are residing underneath a rock and neglected the Grasp Of BlackJack Channel Three exclusives of Paul appearing us throughout Manaus Brazil. Watch the movies and subscribe to Grasp Of BlackJack Channel 3, or else I will flip this channel into continuous Christmas track all through the summer season months.

Display Me Your Cabin? Port of Manaus Paul – Section 1

Display Me Your Cabin? Port of Manaus Paul – Section 2

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29 Replies to “Paul, Karine, Pierre & His Tools Cross To Brazil”

  1. One of the reasons they went to US in the first place because Paul couldn't get a job in Brazil with his criminal records. They were in Louisville for some times and he still didn't have a job. Now they moved back to Brazil where he clearly won't be able to work. SO WHAT THE FUCK IS THE LOGIC BEHIND THIS DECISION

  2. Paul mom is so fake. She reminds me of a "Karen!" American are the only ppl who have kids and want them out the house at 18. Other cultures live together and build together I see why Karina want to go home.

  3. One word for Paul and that is USELESS! Just useless at everything he does. He can't even sort out the luggage cart, i mean WTF, then his passport 🙈 i just want to shake him and say WAKE UP DAMMIT. She's not going to go bk to the States.

  4. Paul, why are you going back, stay and find a job, your such a lazy no good father, she could do so much better, Paul is such a bore and old man before his time, his dress sense is awful, probably never had a girl before, that’s why he is soooooo clinging.

  5. That means this is old as they are travelling overseas. They must've gone back to America as I think they broke up with a big fight involving the police

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