Other people Getting Wealthy Off Blessing Circle / Sou Sou Playing Forums!

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Everyone and their mama declare they’re cashing out giant on those cash forums the place you installed a small amount of cash and obtain eight occasions that quantity in go back. Simply what’s the Sou Sou? Is it a rip-off? Must you make investments? Let’s discuss it!

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22 Replies to “Other people Getting Wealthy Off Blessing Circle / Sou Sou Playing Forums!”

  1. A friend of mine who I haven't heard from in 3 years called me about that bs and I said no thanks, I don't gamble with my money. It's like them Nigerians sending me an email talking about how they got millions of dollars only I can access and they'll give me some.

  2. I was highly uneducated in the subject lol. This is not just an African thing. Many cultures do this. I would not do this with Americans because we can’t even understand the basics… if we don’t question where loans come from why do we question how this system works? Loans and banks are literally just taking your money and using it to give another person $500.

    Example: 3 people have $5. One person will get a payout of $15 and we will recruit another 3 persons to put in $5. When I join the pull again, my current bank acct is now $15. The collective pool is now at $30 for this month. The next person is getting $30. Keep adding people keep cashing out . If we didn’t consider it a scam, the money would continue to flow. The only way this fails is if people stop contributing to the community (aka ppl can’t get others to join because they don’t know how it works so they’re describing it as a scam..) your initial funds are paying it forward. It’s a circle to help the entire group. You can’t keep going up, once you reach a certain amount you go back to the end and you start back at the original small amount and try to make your way up to the middle again. This is how we ensure the board does not die. If you feel the board is dying then leave. I think a safe guard is nice because it keeps you accountable.

    You just have to find accountable people and join from there. Some are out to scam, some are out to bless each other.

  3. Did one board put in $250 get back $800 never again lost my Damn money 💰 the board went dead couldn't get enough people so I lost that money I was mad as HELL 🤬

  4. Right Dineva. They would rather spend their money on no return than to invest their money into a physical product that works and they can earn money while they wait on the board to flip for them 🤜🤷🏾‍♀️😂

  5. I was suspect until my friend brought it to my attention I was one of those people that didn't believe .well on this board you invest 1,400 to get 11,200.the maximum turn around is a month do the math. I can not afford not to invest my 1,400, but I will take your advice and once I in to always know who I am playing with if I can get that info hopefully were pooling or money in with some real serious folk that believe in the ideal of building wealth one by one. The.? I ask my.self why get out if the pay off is that good I need this to work not for me but for all those that want to go forward and use this cash for future business plans. I want to believe it can work. If you bring in people that have a fucking vision of creating something for ourselves. # black on black wealth building.

  6. No doubt a scam. I was involuntarily (meaning without my permission) put into a Telegram chat group by someone I use to consider a friend who initially tried to get me to join. Only after reading a days worth of that Telegram chat traffic I could see people in the group who gave their initial "GIFT" were not happy with how things (i.e. recruitment) was going and the "ADMIN" fee. Pretty good SCAM because you are CashApping money to someone who you probably don't know where they live or even their REAL last name. So unless you are already an attorney it will probably cost you more than what you lost to try and push the matter legally if you become unhappy. Last I heard most legal retainers on the LOW end start at $1,500. You know people are liable to can go POSTAL over getting screwed out of $10. I'm standing by with my box of popcorn for the Dateline special to air on this SCAM!

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