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  1. @DejectedPanda
    Spyglass Entertainment is buying out and running MGM they want to put into production Bond 23 ASAP (rumor is) so it can be in theaters for 2012 as apart of James Bond's 50th anniversary.
    Daniel Craig said he definitely wants to do more Bond films.
    IMDB has the release date 2014

  2. @JimCausington i know about that, but i have no confidence that mgm will sell, its like the only property they have that makes them any money anymore.

  3. @Akirajay38 It isn't permanently cancelled. As soon as somebody buys MGM, Bond will return. Craig is signed for 3 more Bond films.

  4. I prefer the 1967 version a better Bond film that this one. Put Adrian Paul in the franchise as 007. He reminds me of Connery's Bond!

  5. @sc1976a1 Die Another Day was good, in my opinion. I actually thought Craig was going to be a horrible Bond at first, but I was about as wrong as possible.

  6. This song sucks the first time you hear it, but as you listen to it more and more, you think it's the best 007 theme song ever… which it is.

  7. @jackowackopb Neither Q or Moneypenny were in the original Casino Royale novel. And compared to the novel, the movie is less gritty and intense. Most of those gadgets and invisible cars were introduced in the films

  8. @jackowackopb
    Q-Branch is a restriction on the storyline when it was originally a liberating factor. Stop forcing writers to rewrite movies you love. Casino Royale is fantastic, and the James Bond movies are classic for the reinvention and representation of the times.
    Like it or not its more a reflection on your own views than a reflection on the movie making industry and the james bond franchise.

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