On line casino Backoff for Card Counting – Blackjack Apprenticeship

Colin is without doubt one of the Execs from Blackjack Apprenticeship, in addition to the topic of the documentary “Holy Rollers: The True Tale of Card Counting Christians.

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  1. That's so stupid. Going to the casino to lose your money and have to listen to somebody to tell you how you can play. Nobody can beat the casinos. The more you play, the richer they'll get.

  2. Casinos are just like the govt making it hard to make a living then tax you and give a little back and try to make you think they are the good guys

  3. This is exactly why casinos should be shut down. they illegally make him bet one way so he cant win any money even though using your brain is not illegal. no one cant put a limit on your mind and how you use it. I really hope there was a civil suit. This was straight up strong arming him. I thought it wasn't run by the mob.

  4. Actually the pit boss's statement about other players at the table can change bets but he can't would violate many states gaming laws. Different rules or restrictions for different players at the same table. He can change the table stakes(greater minimum and lower max bet), or totally push him back but not that.
    Also he may not be really true 'card counting'. Simply placing a higher bets when the cards are with general better odds is not true card counting. And in places that use a 4+ deck shoe its not really statistically significant.

  5. The game is already rigged in favor of the casino. They don't want us to come out ahead. These scammers have to be put out of business. They are bullying people into a losing situation, instead of letting us use our skills to win.

  6. Card counting isn't illegal but recording video at casino IS, so you should be kicked out immediately. You provided no safe game for other players and they could even sue you for that. 🤷‍♂️

  7. Best thing to remember about Casino's, this is coming from a prior Casino Security guard. They are there to take your money, end of story. No one wins at a casino, even people who hit jackpots are usually behind when they hit. The Only and Best way to play at a casino is to take a set amount of money… 50 or 100 bucks or whatever you can afford to live without, and gamble with that, stay away from slots and machines, blackjack has the best odds with only a 2 to 1 over the player. AND, if you do hit it on a machine or table and win, leave, take your winnings and leave.

  8. The pit boss is a classic cop type personality: stupid. Poor grammar, speech, poor manners. Above all else, low intelligence. Thus, he has a control bias and adheres to rule based thinking. He favors massive corporations over a human being, despite that this professional is only winning while playing fairly, and by the rules. What a joke.

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