On line casino (1995) – Cheater's Justice HD

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  1. Cheating is the only way to live. In a relationship? Cheat. Have a test to take? Cheat. Playing a game with friends? Cheat.

  2. This was actually at the old Stardust Hotel Casino in the 70's you did NOT F*ck around in that place. The Stardust was imploded in 2007.

  3. The one thing I'll never understand is, how at that range the buddy that's signalling has not spotted Robert De Niro looking at him with that obvious glaring 'you've been busted' look while checking out the dealer's hand. Then they told me its a movie.

  4. The guy with the saw is….Kevin's dad from Home Alone! He's doing shady mafia shit in Vegas, which would explain how he could afford that house…

  5. Those hammer blows, is that permanent damage, some hardcore therapy or just 2 weeks rest? Can someone tell me, been wondering that since I was a kid.

  6. scenes like this are so well done by Scorsese. The camera angles. the lighting, the cutting–all terrific! He is such a great director.

  7. Here's what I'm not sure about in this scene: Blue Suit knows that the prods are likely onto him so he's cashing out his chips. Then the casino manager comes up to him and offers to take him to the "office" to verify it….but why agree to go with him? Couldn't he just say "no, I trust you" and stay in a public place and lessen the risk of getting roughed up and getting out with the money?

    I mean, it's likely the casino manager does something to make sure he doesn't get out with the money anyway, but if you've just ripped a casino off it seems a bit daft to leave the public floor where a confrontation might draw attention and go somewhere where it's just you and the folks you've just ripped off.

  8. Sam: Alright, imma give you a choice, you can have the money, and the hammer, or you can walk out of here.
    Guy: You'll give me a free hammer with the money? Good deal!

  9. The guy in the blue suit made the right choice when he chose to get out of here sam said the hammer but didn't mean he'll hit him on the hand he could've hit him on his knee caps

  10. He compromised he should have chopped both of their hands off…

    He learned later what happens with half measures. You cant be half a gangster

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