Of Gamblers,Pharaoh and You- Shemot(Sat.18th January/21st Tevet)-Laibl's Weekly Parsha Video

Shemot (Sat. 18th January /21st Tevet)
Of Gamblers, Pharaoh and You
Laibl’s Weekly Parsha Video
• Believe a compulsive gambler in a on line casino. He’s a top curler with quite a few cash. He spends all night time on the tables and loses the $100,000 he got here with. However the on line casino says to him: ‘we all know you’re excellent to your cash – allow us to provide you with some chips at the area so you’ll be able to keep and play the next day to come. We will be able to provide you with an improve in your suite as smartly so you’ll be able to have an excellent sleep all over the day.” He’s a gambler, so he is taking the chips. And drops every other $150,000 this time. And the ploy is going on for ten instances in a row.
• How silly is that? But that’s the thoughts of a compulsive gambler: my success will alternate. It should and I will be able to make all of it up, and extra.
• However you don’t need to be a gambler to suppose this manner. You’ll be able to also be a Pharaoh, as we be told on this week’s Parsha of Shemot. He’s warned via Moses that his kingdom can be plagued. However he can’t dispense along with his Jewish servants. They’re simply too excellent for the financial system. So he is going every other spherical and every other plague hits, regardless of being warned. And so it is going on for ten plagues immediately – every with prior caution. Every time an clever, skilful, robust king loses it. He’s a compulsive despot – and he can’t undergo the considered shedding a slave country that serves him, builds his royal treasuries, and takes out the rubbish within the night in addition.
• And but, isn’t that us in such a lot of tactics? What number of foibles do you could have that you just can’t get rid of? that candies can most likely reason terrible diabetes. smoking will ruin your lungs. that marijuana performs along with your mind. that couching potatoes will block your center. However you gamble that the next day to come can be other and you are going to continue to exist every other 24 hours. Just like the gambler. Like Pharaoh.
• So don’t learn the Parsha as historical past. It is going on at this time – even to you. Those that don’t be told from historical past are doomed to copy it.

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