No Bust Blackjack Device

Trying out out a brand new technique. Tell us what you call to mind this no bust blackjack technique.

0:05 Pointers and Technique
0:40 Gameplay
6:20 Pointers and Technique

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The meant goal of this video is to offer schooling and leisure on more than a few desk video games together with however no longer restricted to blackjack, poker, Texas stacks holdem, roulette, stacks holdem, 4 card stacks holdem, Optimistically you revel in and apply alongside in this adventure. Discover ways to play blackjack fundamental technique. Play Blackjack with the broker on this first particular person view layout.

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20 Replies to “No Bust Blackjack Device”

  1. Everyone makes videos knocking the no bust but they all start with a $500 BR and bet 10% of their BR every hand lol Or they press their bets until they lose everything. Seriously…try no bust betting 1/100th of BR every hand (no exceptions) Then try the same strategy in conjunction with martingale (doubling up to 6 times if needed) It may be far more representative

  2. I have been gambling for 25 years and am amazed how rare it has been to see players focus on what is the most important aspect of gambling, money mgmnt, specifically, controlling losses.

  3. I have done it before actually how I learned to play. I would do that and watch what other people did at the table. I can tell you one thing for sure. Not too many people at the table were thrilled with me playing like that. I did think it was a good way to learn though. Definitely a lot more fun playing now knowing how to play right

  4. Yeah its so fun to hit a 14,15, 16 vs a high card 😀 better retreat than taking the bust card and ruining the table

  5. This wasn't really the best example of how bad the no-bust strategy really is. The player in this match really didn't have many hands different than basic strategy and the ones he did have, where he stayed to avoid busting, actually ended up working out regardless because the dealer had a hand and the next card would have busted the player anyway. A lot of no-bust strategies also do not allow for splitting or doubling. I've back tested these strategies and they really do not work in the long run. Sure, you could get lucky, but statistically you are much better off using basic strategy.

  6. the short run is meaningless you need thousands of hands to prove anything, but we already know this strategy produces poor results. My math says Standing on stiffs against dealer high cards cost you about 3%, so it's 600% worse than basic strategy.

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