Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix Assessment (Transfer)

We’re afraid we’ve got were given some dangerous information for you. Should you opened this overview anticipating a usually sarcastic put-down of the most recent half-hearted karting sport with a cool animated film licence cynically slapped onto it, you’re going to be deeply upset. Seems this one’s in fact rather excellent.

To be truthful, you would be forgiven for anticipating another way. The primary Nickelodeon Kart Racers were given an absolute kicking in this web site for being underwhelming in almost each and every division. Hats off to the builders, then, for turning issues round so dramatically for Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix. That is the whole thing the unique sport must were, and can attraction way more to Nickelodeon lovers new and outdated.

Probably the most instantly noticeable distinction is the nature roster. The primary sport handiest presented 12 characters from SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rugrats and Howdy Arnold, which used to be completely nice for lovers of the ones collection, however given it used to be meant to be a party of all issues Nickelodeon, it felt woefully undercooked. This time there are a a lot more spectacular 30 characters to choose between.

The former 4 franchises are nonetheless coated, however becoming a member of in now are characters from the likes of Rocco’s Trendy Lifestyles, Invader Zim, Avatar, CatDog, The Loud Area, Danny Phantom and Ren & Stimpy. Even the deeply frustrating JoJo Siwa is in there for the younger dollars, which does throw up some questions: if live-action other folks depend, we’d have cherished to have noticed illustration from such vintage gemstones as Kenan & Kel, Pete & Pete or Clarissa Explains It All, however perhaps we are getting a little bit too forward of ourselves. The purpose is, issues are a long way extra various this time.

In addition to the primary roster, there also are seventy supporting characters who can also be unlocked. Each and every of those characters comes with their very own distinctive talents: a few of them are everlasting perks (Rocco’s canine Spunky means that you can pressure over tough terrain with out dropping pace, for instance), while others require you to fill your slime meter through gathering slime when you race, then triggering their skill with a button (take Plankton from SpongeBob, who can detonate an explosion that slows down within reach karts).

You’ll select 3 help characters sooner than you race – two with everlasting talents, and one with a slime meter skill – and whilst the abilities implemented to each and every of them are somewhat arbitrary and do not make sense within the context of the characters themselves, it does nonetheless put a face to what’s necessarily simply a big listing of unlockable perks, and does make it more straightforward to bear in mind what each and every perk does whilst you’re seeking to get a hold of a trio that most nearly fits your racing taste.

For example, we individually wish to get to the entrance of the pack as briefly as conceivable then attempt to build up that lead, fairly than collaborating in fight through firing missiles or the use of shields. Our personal selected trio, then, is Eugene from Howdy Arnold (who will give you a pace spice up each and every time you’re taking successful so you’ll briefly get better), Actually Actually Large Guy from Rocko’s Trendy Lifestyles (who routinely triggers a spice up when the slime meter fills up) and April O’Neil from TMNT (who means that you can then manually cause any other spice up as soon as the meter is complete). Glance, we all know we aren’t speaking Fireplace Brand right here, however the reality there’s any technique in any respect makes it extra enticing than maximum karting video games.

The Grand Prix mode is composed of 7 cups and there are 3 pace settings (which necessarily act like your 50cc, 100cc and 150cc from Mario Kart). Grand Prix mode is composed of 7 cups, and also you’re awarded 1-to-Three stars relying on how smartly you do: 3 stars are for profitable all 4 racers, naturally. Whilst issues are somewhat easy within the two slower speeds, the highest pace possibility ramps up the AI degree rather a little bit and as such it’s going to take you some time to three-star all seven cups (fortunately you handiest need to win them to liberate their respective characters).

Added to this can be a Problem mode the place you’re taking on 42 separate one-off missions – goal capturing, time trials, struggle racers and the like – and liberate six extra characters alongside the best way (like Shredder and Reptar). Those will handiest take an evening or two to get thru, nevertheless it a minimum of mixes issues up a bit: that stated, we’d have favored a top ranking or easiest time characteristic so you have to replay demanding situations and take a look at to overcome your earlier try. Because it stands, if you’ve overwhelmed a problem, there’s no actual incentive to do it once more.

This is not the one factor the sport suffers from. Efficiency is a bit bit higher than the crisis that used to be the final sport, however it is nonetheless now not very best. Despite the fact that for probably the most section you’ll be able to be racing a somewhat solid 30 frames-per-second, on every occasion there are a large number of karts at the display screen (maximum significantly at the beginning of races) issues can get rather uneven. Fortunately, split-screen multiplayer does not seem to make issues even worse, even though we had been handiest in a position to check it with two gamers because of that pesky virus you might have heard about. As such, we are not certain whether or not bumping it as much as 3 or 4 gamers can lead to additional efficiency problems.

It is also an actual disgrace that not one of the characters have voice performing. They do have their very own bespoke animations that give them a point of character, specifically whilst you win a cup: for instance, Stimpy does his Glad Glad Pleasure Pleasure dance. The loss of voice performing is an actual loss, even though, particularly all the way through races the place you too can all simply be controlling the similar characters with a special pores and skin implemented. We’d have cherished to have had Ren yelling and calling his warring parties a number of “eediots” whilst SpongeBob gleefully sings his manner thru a race. Even soundalikes would have accomplished the task if legacy voice actors had been the problem.

It’s now not very best, then, however in spite of its problems, we had an infinitely higher time taking part in thru this sport than we did sighing our manner thru its underwhelming predecessor. Whilst it obviously nonetheless may not make Mario sweaty beneath his cap or have Sonic quivering in his purple shoes, there’s a robust argument that Nickelodeon Kart Racer 2 now has the bronze medal in terms of karting video games at the Transfer.


After the crisis that used to be the primary sport, this can be a exceptional turnaround. With way more Nickelodeon collection represented, advanced monitor designs and a power-up customisation characteristic that allows you to support your own racing taste, Nickelodeon Kart Racer has long past from probably the most disappointing racing collection at the Transfer to most certainly the most productive person who does not characteristic plumbers or hedgehogs.

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