New Motion Film 2020 | King of Gamblers | Best possible Playing movie, Complete Film 1080P

Synopsis: 2020 New Playing Motion Film “King of Gamblers” is ready a playing send named Bi’an within the world waters the place it is a heaven for gamblers. 15 years in the past, the previous captain set a lure in a poker pageant. Consequently, the Asian gamble king, Wu Yong, misplaced his legs. Additionally the previous captain needed to go away the send for 15 years. 15 years later, the send seems once more and the invites are despatched to all well-known gamblers. Now the previous captain is conspiring to retake the send, and the apprentices of Wu Yong also are making plans revenge. The general pageant is coming…

Studio: Baos Movie
Manufacturer: An Qi, Zhou Feng
Director: Zhang Jianchun
Author: Xiong Kewen
Starring: Yao Yao, Felix Lok
Genres: #Motion, #Drama

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