NBA2k20 is a Playing On line casino! – Offended Rant!

Notify the ESRB HERE:
And Right here:
Touch Elected Officers:
NBA2K20 has Long past TOO FAR! There’s now basketball for your Playing Simulator this is rated E for Everybody and PEGI 3+ for CHILDREN! That is past unacceptable!

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39 Replies to “NBA2k20 is a Playing On line casino! – Offended Rant!”

  1. I buy the new NHL game every year cus its the only one and you cant get the new roster update on previous years game.. theyre all the fucking same game copy nd paste.. i only play franchise mode to.. i stay away from my team but thats what everyone plays.. its $94 with taxes here in canada.

  2. They gave it away for free on psplus. There are probably millions of young children getting exposed to this casino garbage due to sony.

  3. The ESRB won’t do anything to alter sales tbh. Why, well, I play GTA V Online and I can’t count how many 5 year olds I’ve seen in voice chats play that game. Sure, maybe the game belongs to older brother and he be playing on a different account that belongs to the 5 year old…. but still.

  4. it shows a lot, if 2k thinks they can still make money if they make a steam sale for 4 bucks…
    I guess they hope for dat casino action lol

  5. Can you make a video addressing how 2K's trying to capitalize off of Kobe's death to sell more copies of their $100 special editions?

  6. Angryjoe just save nba2k20 i dont see the gambling there and if they did add that they will problay add a cough cough BaTlE PaSs

  7. While I do agree with some of the things Joe Vargas says, especially here that EA and NBA had been doing greedy practices to exploit children and make bigger profits, he is still being hypocritical in certain areas, like calling out the entire sports game community for simply buying the game and paying for microtransactions, when he DOES THE SAME FUCKING THING. I know for a fact that he paid for micropayments in DC Legends himself, and also bought the game, while he disallows people to buy it. I really fucking hate the idea of reviewers disallowing others to buy subpar products and certain other things they are reviewing, whilst they do the same thing. This is blatant hypocrisy, whilst Joe Lopez/Other Joe, and Alex, are no exception of that either. I may still respect you guys, but that doesn't mean that I am not above in still calling each of you out when you screw up. 😡

  8. A Youtuber known as MerkMusic does the Call of Duty loot boxes. He is not paid by activision and spends his own money to show the scummy and scam system loot boxes are.

  9. You aren’t gambling anything and why do u care so much you don’t even play the game so don’t mess it up for the people who like the game what is your point if you DONT PLAY THE GAME

  10. A lot of sport gamers tend to be very casual when it comes to the gaming scene it makes them also complacent with these issues

  11. The ESRB and PEGI thinks profanity, violence, sexual content, and drug use is more harmful to children than gambling with real life money. What the fuck is wrong with them? Is the ESRB high?

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