Nationwide Town: SWAT Raids Unlawful Playing Space 09012020

INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 9-1-20 6:00 am
LOCATION: 333 E. eighth St
CITY: Nationwide Town

The East County Gang Job Pressure raided a playing area within the town. five Federal Companies, the CHP, the SDSO, and the NCPD raided the house with the NCPD SWAT crew after an previous investigation led them to this location.
2 other folks inside of the home have been detained.

A drone and a robotic have been used within the operation. Rubber bullets have been fired to knock out the entire safety cameras at the area and one flash-bang grenade used to be used (all on digicam).

10 or extra slot machines along side cash have been seized by way of regulation enforcement. The Space used to be “Pink-Tagged” by way of the Town. eighth St between D Ave and C Ave used to be close down for 1 hour all through the operation.

28 Replies to “Nationwide Town: SWAT Raids Unlawful Playing Space 09012020”

  1. Really?? They couldn’t find a spot more obvious?? A Casino Den on a Main Drag… how were they going to Hines muse the foot traffic?

  2. I have never understood why they all walk together at the same time. that they would not think what would happen if they were thrown a grenade or shot with high-caliber weapons!

  3. Should of hit it up when I had the chance. Going to Pala this weekend. Last time I won 4k. Could have been rich off this joint with those old machines.

  4. Someone lost big and complained… Do some real police work please.. With all that gear these public servants could have served serious felony warrants. National City is full of sex offenders. This doesn't hurt anyone.. Those dopes will find another way to throw away money..

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