MYSTERY BAG On TOWER Within The Prime Prohibit Coin Pusher Jackpot WON MONEY ASMR

Watch to the END to peer how a lot MONEY George WON! Jeremy and George swing down South for any other fast travel to the On line casino to play the Prime Stakes …

31 Replies to “MYSTERY BAG On TOWER Within The Prime Prohibit Coin Pusher Jackpot WON MONEY ASMR”

  1. That was great. Watching both of you play. Nice. And Jeremy you got to play nice. Show me some new video's I've watched them all.

  2. Could you start telling us how much the buy in was and how many additional buy ins you had to make if you made any.

  3. It's fun to watch you guys. You 2 are funny. Now for some advice. The problem with the machine the George was playing the rake on the top pusher is allowing all 3 quarters to lay on top of each other. Hinch forth you was losing a few pushes every time because of this. Time the drop so you can be more efficient. Hope this helps.

  4. Do you pay $500 buy-in and get $25 of quarters? Also do they let you play any field and share quarters. I don't think we have these machines at casino here in Australia just at fair and showground

  5. Ask the priest, about the dog retrieves Duck from the lake. Actually the dog didn't know how to swim. The dog walked on water.

  6. Ok so at 6:30 I was super relived to see you go after the mystery bag that flew off the top of your tower and all those big rectangular chips that are 500.00 I think. I'm only at seven minutes in

  7. The machine with the mystery bag….you didn't pay attention to how high the plastic barrier was…you lost a bunch of Great pushes because of double stacking coins half the time.

  8. Is there a buy in or is it just $25 of quarters. I’ve seen some that are $500 buy in for $25 of quarters game play,

  9. Hi you guys i just wanted to let you know how fun it is watching you and hearing the talks between you guys i have been watching some off your videos and its fun 🙂 you will never know what you take home 🙂
    Best regards: Haukur
    Ps.i am from Iceland haha

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