46 Replies to “My First Bonus on Reactoonz 2 Slot Was once INSANE!! – £five Guess”

  1. Loads of money is put in by streamers so I don’t believe it’s rigged, it’s a hard game to win on but I’ve won loads on reactoonz first one without hitting 15 pinks. Can’t see many of the small stakes getting anywhere near there money back on reactoonz 2 unless you have a really good streak. It’s a bad game in my eyes too many small base game hits taking away all big symbols before the big fella lands. Massive fan of playngo but this is a be low par game for me. I’ll stick with it for the 15pinks tho just so I can say I’ve had lol 😂 (from a stupid gambler lol)

  2. all these people trying to say its rigged haha, clearly people do not understand they have house edge and do not need to do this as all these people complaining will be the ones driving the profits of the casino and they clearly cant control themselves and I can bet they chase losses on slots and are just annoyed by it.

  3. I know Nick wouldn’t be in on it.
    But this seems so staged as if playngo know this will be clipped and put on YouTube for all to see. Giving people the hope that they will be so fortunate in 8spins.
    Starting to believe the social dilemma has stretched past Instagram and FB

  4. To all who say the streamer is lucky……i played these almost daily for 5 years and won big on one occasion…..then that particular casino ( something Vegas) refused to pay me before it was closed down due to similar complaints……if you sit at these sites all day every day you are going to strike luck somewhere at a cost…..please leave well alone…..i lost thousands and thousands.

  5. I remember when I first played reactoonz didn’t know what it was, never seen it and got the garga with about 5spins on a quid payed 600odd

  6. Incredibly lucky.. I played it on the day it came out for a couple hours and did get x200 on greens but the rest of the gargas only paid around x50

  7. its fail game, no 2x no instability, 15 pink payment got reduced, every hit doesnt matter if you dont hit glowing symbol

  8. So how do you win 5000x on this if you get 1000x for 15 pinks on garga x2? You gotta hit all the symbols? I mean.. doesnt 15 pinks pay more on the regular reactoonz than on this one then?

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