My EPIC Colossus Run! Las Vegas pt.4 (Playing Vlog #53)

Pt 1 of My epic colossus Run on the 2019 WSOP the place I am getting a 6 determine rating. From Las Vegas this Playing Vlog and poker Vlog I hit a video poker jackpot and play day 1 of the colossus. Additionally met Joe Ingram and wine about Doug Polk extra purpose my butt harm.


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30 Replies to “My EPIC Colossus Run! Las Vegas pt.4 (Playing Vlog #53)”

  1. Honestly when your friend was mad about losing, and you got him breakfast, man my heart felt that, and that smile at the end too, sometimes youre just in a horrible mood and it just takes a good friend to cheer you up. Good shit man

  2. I’m rewatching I Didn’t realize you gave Boski 1%. Boski can’t be mad about the recent win he had to give you 25% of. Congrats again on this win. You were on one hell of a heater. Don’t forget coolers come just as quick. Spend wisely.

  3. Lmfao I'm so waiting for Joey to just walk himself out in front of a bus lmao when he's running bad. And then buy Trump towers when he's running good lmao love it

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