my BIGGEST BLACKJACK HAND ever… (very dumb)

As of late, I did my greatest hand of blackjack ever… to find out what took place within the video… hope you ENJOY!

Website online used to play BLACKJACK used to be roobet!

Please do your personal analysis at the validity of those web sites ahead of you play or make any acquire, make sure to are above the age of 18 to play.

This video used to be no longer backed and all steadiness is my very own budget.

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33 Replies to “my BIGGEST BLACKJACK HAND ever… (very dumb)”

  1. Dude i wanna play that too but i dont have money to play 🙂

    Can you give me some? To my fresh start? Thx bro god bless always

  2. With exception of the last hand blackjack. Those where ugly wins against the dealer. Depending on dealer busting. Dunno why you stayed so long

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