My absolute best money recreation efficiency ever (Playing Vlog #78)

On this weeks poker vlog and playing vlog I play a large money recreation and its my absolute best efficiency ever. we’re with andy milonakis down at americas cardroom …

43 Replies to “My absolute best money recreation efficiency ever (Playing Vlog #78)”

  1. Threw up the like but I’ve been subscribed homie!!! I’ve been telling all the guys I play poker with (about 10 ppl) about your vlogs and they said they watched a few and laughed their asses off! Love the fun approach you have to the game bro, keep this shit going cuz it’s super entertaining!!! Especially right now! #Parkourrrrr

  2. Trying to quit gambling this week and this guy keeps uploading. Life gives you tough options. Well, there goes another $1800 paycheck, got that last night and its gone this evening. Working from home sucks balls deep with peanut butter jelly.

  3. Bruh, what happened ? These videos aren’t your typical vibe? Where did the degenerate Ryan go? Last chance stupid slots and video poker? Wtf man? Will the real Ryan Depaulo please stand up….edit- see comment below.

  4. Your trips always look so sick. Would love to join you one time even though I dont play poker I'd just throw cash at slots and roulette! Stay safe and parkourrrrrrr <3

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