Musical Gambler : Video games other people play

Musical Gambler Mönchengladbach. Musik: Eric Woolfson ; On line casino Boss Rafi Weinstock; Gambler Chris van Tongelen; Showgirl Annika Bruhns ; Gräfin Georgina Chakos: Behind the scenes Group Gambler .
Zusammengestellt von R.Hamacher

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  1. Impressive – Eric was clearly ahead of his time in promoting this work in this way. Today, between the hiphop-rock of Hamilton and the retrospective works based on Abba, Billy Joel, Queen, Elton John, (and even that show by Sting), the Broadway world clearly wants the rock-opera/musical. And the Friendly Card material has clearly been waiting to be plucked for it…

    …but sadly, Eric's not around to push for it anymore. The whole APP catalog really needs a reassessment in light of the state of the musical theater world as it is now.

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