Mother buys Playing Degenerate $495,000 space!

In 2 days I’ll be gamble unfastened for 1 12 months! At some point at a time, from going through prison time to dwelling in my own residence!
If I will be able to do it so are you able to!

10 Replies to “Mother buys Playing Degenerate $495,000 space!”

  1. Firstly – CONGRATS bro. Secondly – you and me = PARTY and chill. i'm not even fucking kidding nor joking. when i pull up in ur town in Canada, u best invite me over, i'll bring the booze you bring the snacks. WE DOWN

  2. Proud of you my man!! Wish you all the of the best!
    Invest some money in the property and see the value sky rocket, helps with the rent you can charge too! So proud of seeing you from one of the first videos to now, keeps me in check too.
    Much support from Holland brother 💪🏼💪🏼

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