Most sensible Five Unhealthy Beats Poker ♠️ Poker Most sensible 5 ♠️ PokerStars International

No one likes to listen to a foul beat tale, however there may be not anything extra enjoyable than observing a merciless unhealthy beat on TV! Sign up for PokerStars as we rely down 5 of the …

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  2. For me the worst bad beat come when you start with the same hand and a flush come for one, there hasn't been one so far?

  3. That guy ran and told his girlfriend he lost 2 million chips. Its almost like he's complaining to his mom. Lol. Funny. Very strange young man!!

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  5. The Moneymaker bad beat isn’t rally bad I don’t see why it’s on this list. I’ve seen way way worse, 1 outers on the river.

  6. the second was not a slow roll. Anytime you have to call all in, you have to pause for a bit and consider your place, the money payouts, etc. Fuck that announcer

  7. 2nd Hand (4th in video) isn't that bad of a beat either. PP v. PP the lower PP wins 1 in 5. Either way, these are good plays preflop. A bad beat is when someone is rewarded for a bad decision. For example, although the stakes wern't nearly as great I was 3 handed and played Q10 on my BB. I hit a 10 on the flop which gave me top pair. My opponent raised 1/3rd of my stack. I pushed all in. He called with 7 2spades with no pair and 1 spade on the board. I have a 96% chance of winning that hand. The turn and river are spades. That's a bad beat. The night before I was playing a tournament. There was raise and a reraise before the action came to me and my pocket Aces. Knowing I would get at least one of them call I pushed. They both called. One caller had AJ while the other had KQ. The AJ was short stacked so he was taking his chances. The KQ had me covered. With two raises and the third pushing you have to assume at best You're up against AK but most likey someone has AA, KK, or QQ. KQ calls me with a 15% chance of winning the hand preflop and flops a fucking straight. Horrible call bad beat. What makes a beat bad is the degree of idiocy that comes with the call. This is shit video in the first two examples.

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