Monster Blackjack Win – 2 Palms at As soon as

Taking part in 2 arms without delay paid off this consultation. Blackjack Fundamental technique with some smartly timed bets is the cause of the benefit.

Please like and touch upon our blackjack play beneath.

0:05 Gameplay
5:20 Blackjack Guidelines and Technique
6:20 Guidelines and Technique
15:30 Blackjack Guidelines 88 on a three
17:25 Do not Break up 4’s Blackjack Technique

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The meant objective of this video is to offer training and leisure on quite a lot of desk video games together with however no longer restricted to blackjack, poker, Texas stacks holdem, roulette, stacks holdem, 4 card stacks holdem, With a bit of luck you revel in and practice alongside in this adventure. Discover ways to play blackjack elementary technique. Play Blackjack with the broker on this first particular person view layout.

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48 Replies to “Monster Blackjack Win – 2 Palms at As soon as”

  1. aya mau beritahu hati2 tuk bermain di web hokibet… dan di kelas judi on line nya itu tepatnya di pt ag dan dg kasino sebenernya kita di tipu mentah2…. cara mereka membuat jaringan live streamnya seolah oleh jaringannya low atau lemot pafahal di titik itu mereka menipu para member… gak mungkin setiap deposit kalah,,, setiap mukul besar kalah….. kepada member judi lebih baik main di web terpecaya seperti sbobet… daripada web ga jelas macam ag dan dg

  2. Hide it fucken gay with that shit man, fucken ruined the whole video 🤦‍♂️ All gay jus to not know what you have for 2 more seconds so you can be all giddy like a little girl…damn, so gay with that shit, “hide it please” fuck man!

  3. That last shoe was really negative and you were betting big. I would have cut to the minimum bet. Please show more of the discard tray so I can estimate the true count. Thanks. I really enjoy your site and the cards are super easy to see.

  4. Not a huge fan of the music, prefer the sound of the felt and you shouting "Nice!" with big wins, however, great content and well played keep it up!!

  5. I saw the dealer and you were wrong in the 4th minute game when the dealer had a 6 and A. 17. Why draw more, and that is leaf 10

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