24 Replies to “Million Buck Money Recreation S4E2 FULL EPISODE Poker Display”

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  2. Mikes such a good read… He's definitely playing way outta his league here.. He can't afford to bluff… Alan made such an easy lay down with that queen high str8… He needs to be at 10-20 game.. And i cam almost be certain he's being staked here… All in all he's a bum

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  5. Jesus. Mike is so full of himself. "Although I may not look 41, I am." Yeah, you don't look 41, you look about 50 you ugly biznatch.

  6. Ivey plays every hand people are gonna hate me for this comment but i think ivey is over rated as a player hes a whale but he has been backed in cash games what seperates him from the rest is his bank roll most of it came from andy beal he takes chances not alot of players take because of his bank roll allows him to do that nl hold em is a game of luck put a average poker pkayer in this game and give him a bank roll of 20 million and you will see these pros are over rated all of them are just ask mike he has said it in interviews phil plays in the pits thats where alot of his money comes from not poker but i guess like everything else poker needs a face and he is it look at full tilt and how phil played there he was getting so much money transfered to him he pkayed flips he didnt care i hope he does well but he will end up like the rest broke its a matter of time poker is dead now so he relys on the pits at the casinos that have a huge edge against him time will tell!!

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