Mike Sexton – A Tribute to One among Poker's Biggest

Sexton as soon as instructed PokerNews that he “made poker my existence” and there is undoubtedly no different method to describe the many years he spent within the business. He stuffed a lot of roles in and across the sport, touching numerous lives along with his gregarious persona, in a position humor and immediately recognizable voice.

His trademark sign-off from the WPT publicizes will ring acquainted within the ears of poker enthusiasts in all places and stay his signature quote:

“Might all your playing cards be reside and might all your pots be monsters.”

Sexton made other people fall in love with the sport, and everybody within the sport cherished Mike Sexton. Sexton is and at all times shall be one among poker’s largest ambassadors.

This video is a compilation of a few of our favourite moments with
Sexton on PokerNews.

RIP Mike Sexton

40 Replies to “Mike Sexton – A Tribute to One among Poker's Biggest”

  1. Will miss you Mike I know I only met you one time at the WSOP but sitting at the table talking I know from that short period of time. The poker world lost a great person

  2. Sad to learn that Mike Sexton was ushered into eternity. May the grace of God comfort and sustain his family and friends.

  3. Enjoyed his commentary, learned alot, enjoyed when he played poker, he was a humble gentleman with always a positive side for life…he will be missed…RIP

  4. * the mike sexton award 🥇
    Goes to a player who conducts himself as a professional on and off the felt and when the cameras aren’t rolling

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  6. I always loved that guy and said over and over, Mike and Vince are the best commentators in the game..

    I didn't know why, but now after seeing this bio on Mike, I see who I always felt Mike was, a very talented, humble, polite, giving champion of love..

    They say Angels are strong and Airborne…

    Well Mike, as a Paratrooper Gymnast laced with a classy dance step and an abundance of GIVING love, you earned your wings once again bro..Rest in peace till we meet again.. 😎

  7. Ah Mike, you were one of the greats both on and off the felt. An inspiration to many of the greatest players in the last 20 years. Your last hand has been folded but you still are the main event winner in our hearts. RIP

  8. Thanks, Mike, for making poker real to so many. Never got to meet you in person, but always thought of you as a friend.
    RIP, my friend.

  9. Wish i had the pleasure to meet you. Rest in peace Mike. Nobody ever had a bad thing to say about you. God love ya man.

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