Michael Souza – Psychology of Playing

Webcast backed by way of the Irving Ok. Barber Finding out Centre. Dr. Michael Souza is a psychology professor on the College of British Columbia. On this lecture, he’s going to assessment praise and habit from a behavioral, cognitive and neurobiological viewpoint. We can additionally read about the social psychology in the back of playing conduct, on line casino structuring and on line casino advertising.

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  1. What’s even more sad about being in the casino is the dirty evil looks people give you for no reason.
    It’s as though people go into this zombie 🧟‍♀️ mode when they’re inside this place.
    The casino industry has to be the worst Business in the world
    It’s not entertainment as some would believe, it’s purely business that wants only one thing ( Money )
    If you go and play the slots you might as well throw your money out your car window on the highway then turn around and go home
    These machines have a less than 5% payback
    The house or casino has a 95% advantage on you
    Why in the Hell would any sane human being waste their time and money with these odds stacked against them
    It’s Insane ❗️❗️❗️

  2. We are a society of gamblers. If you don't play in a casino perhaps you have your 401K or retirement account (which is another kind of gambling) and the list goes on. I'm a gambler and I have ups and downs! The secret is never bet more than you can afford to lose.

  3. step number one is : admit you are "junkie" that needs help.
    Step 2: feel fine with notion that you will never get your money back. It's gone.
    step 3: you are not "smarter, luckier or unluckier " than people who win and lose more. You all end up losing.
    Step 4: walk away, but don't stress yourself about milestones. Day, week, month means nothing. Day after day simply avoid it. Affter some time you will feel 2 things:
    1) you have more money
    2 ) you are waaaaaaaaay less depressed.
    3 ) It's not worth it

  4. I realized I had a gambling problem today when I walked in with 100 dollars was up to 500 dollars and walked out with 80 dollars.

  5. Walked in Trop Casino.
    Bet $3 on Wheel Of Fortune.
    3rd Spin I Hit, $789,223. I have kept it all ! It paid off my house, my car, my debt, and my children’s colleges. Incredible. I still go to casinos and play nickels and quarters. I think I was in the right place. At the right time !

  6. Thank you for this video Dr. Souza for raising awareness of this sick disease of compulsive gambling. Part of the psychology of a compulsive gambler is that he wants to always win (well actually he wants to always play) and when you tell him he's never going to really win or get the "big win," he feels that you're taking away all his hopes and dreams. But we both know that winning is actually the worst thing that can happen to a pathological gambler.
    Thanks for the video, grateful recovering compulsive gambler

  7. This individual talks about his father being a pathological gambler. Then describes how he worked in a casino…perpetuating the misery and pain of others in the process. WHAT A HYPOCRITE! !!!!!!!!
    So it's okay for you to help people ruin their lives as long as you get to gain financially yourself?

  8. My partner gambles. I have listened to endless people discussing reasons for gambling. I try to understand and empathise but basically I think it comes down to lack of self control and sheer stupidity and I don't know what anyone can do about that

  9. “The longer you spend in a casino, the higher the chance it is they can make money off you”.
    My local casino has left the chat😂

    I go to casino every day and I never give a shit about slots and blackjacks, I only play poker, where house and me both win from recreational players.

  10. The way that all these gambling venues deceive people out of their money is nothing short of psychological extortion/torture.

  11. You can tell this guy's not very informed when he says that the Blackjack team from MIT got caught and they got into big trouble

  12. Is gambling addictions being socially overwhelming the reason that Francis is the last pope? Faces don't bring graces, but they can bring unrelenting debts.

  13. You must put in decades of study if you expect to win.Gambling is no different from law,medicine,engineering,and other disciplines.Except that it takes much longer and you don't get paid if you're wrong.

  14. Gambling has two definitions.
    1. Betting on an event for sport.
    2. Making an assumed risk and betting on that risk.
    If you do no. 1, enjoy it but don't overdo it.
    If you do no.2, you will find out sooner or later if you have the math skills and discipline to succeed.

  15. saddest part may be that our actually currency, what most people consider their money, is akin to the casino chips. its not the real thing.

    in fact its worse. the currency has not only lost the relationship with the thing that it is supposed to represent, but it has taken on a new partner which is an ever growing debt.

    cash in your chips for something real before the casino goes under, folks.

  16. All these so called experts are good info but, wonder how do they really know if they never had these addictions?..did they ever walk in that person's shoes?..it would help

  17. we are being "tricked" by gambling. we all know the bookie's are cheater's. gambling is the problem and some of us are born with a weakness that causes us to be tricked by gambling.people who do not have this weakness have a morale duty to recognise that bookie's/governments or praying on vulnerable people. if everyone had this weakness,gambling would be banned! no advertising on TV on football shirt's on
    line on every f*#… thing!!!!

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