Michael Jordan's Different Safety Guard Says He Wasn't Actually A Gambler

Do not consider the entirety you pay attention about Michael Jordan within the hit docu-series “The Ultimate Dance.” Former Jordan safety guard Larry-John Winooski, brilliantly portrayed right here by means of buddy of the display Nick Kroll, says his consumer was once simply in reality aggressive. Nick and his “Oh Hi: the P’dcast” co-host John Mulaney are supporting Off Their Plate and their project to lend a hand frontline healthcare employees. In order for you to enroll in Nick within the effort, talk over with to determine extra. #NickKroll #MichaelJordan #TheLastDance

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49 Replies to “Michael Jordan's Different Safety Guard Says He Wasn't Actually A Gambler”

  1. Less of morons in a wig….. 👎👎👎😱
    MORE more and more of Mr Jon Batiste playing music. 🎶
    I know which my ears prefer. And my brain isn't diminished by one.

  2. I wanna know what Jon is wearing. It looks like a heavy wool sweater. Really? But he looked very proud of it, so there must be a story.

  3. I enjoy the interactions with John much more now than I did in the studio. They seemed much more artificial there. He's acting much more naturally since they had to switch to "*A* late show".

  4. he is like the GOAT of Soccer CR7….
    the drive to win and go above all others is present…..
    to me like cristiano ronaldo to soccer he is the GOAT of the GOATS!!

  5. Stephen Colbert has one of the greatest musicians (and human beings) of our time as his bandleader and friend. Thanks to both of you for the wit and the music you are spreading around the world.

  6. I mean, WHAT would the show be without Jon?? Thank you Stephen for keeping Jon with us while we are all home watching way too much TV. Always love his engaging smile and upbeat presence…and great music tips too!

  7. I am So ! happy that Colbert and Baptiste are still there to entertain us from home. I miss the interaction between Stephen, Jon, and the Roots. Some genius described Kroll (playing Larry john Wisniewski) as having "the curly yellow mullet of a happy labradoodle" ! And was that planned ? At 5:02 you can see what looks like a dry cleaning tag behind the buttons on Kroll's left suit cuff. Lol, things out of place. Be safe everyone, and please, always take time to acknowledge the good that you have in your life ,'8- )

  8. Wasn't his gambling addiction that made him leave the NBA and went to baseball for a while…. ? He's as human as the rest of us, no need to sanitize anyone.

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