Michael Franzese on Michael Jordan's Father Killed Over Jordan's Playing (Flashback)

On this clip, Michael Franzese spread out about running with NBA beginners and talking with them in regards to the risks of having a bet, seeing as how he ran unlawful playing operations previously. From there, he spoke about data he won about Michael Jordan’s father being murdered and the placement being related to Michael’s playing drawback. He defined that he heard Jordan was once requested to go away the NBA across the time his father was once murdered because of the ideas that might be able to pop out in regards to the scenario. Michael then added that it was once all the time the plan for Jordan to return again to the NBA, which you’ll pay attention extra about above.

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  1. The Mob would NEVER kill someone related to such a high profile person such as MJ, that brings too much attention.
    Could two random thugs commit this crime?
    Sure, although i imagine Jordan had
    Security detail in every place his parents went.
    There is motive for the NBA to commit the crime:
    A multi-billion dollar industry with their no. 1 player openly mixed in high stakes gambling? That kind of press ruins any and all credibility that league has if further inquiry is aimed at MJ's vice.
    A message might have been sent to WARN MJ in the form of sacrificing his father. I stress warn, because the very league that gave MJ glory, money and fame would take it away from him and his family forever in a heartbeat for actions that discredit their brand.
    The mob is powerful, but the NBA is a multi-national industry with billions of dollars in interests and the media for persuasion.
    The mob just can't compare.

  2. Michael Jordan either Beat a Powerful person in a Gambling bet and probably laughed at them believing nothing would come of it. People of Power in Gambling world have too much Pride in just losing. Somebody either sent Jordan a message via Father killing. Or remember those times Jordan's Dad wouldnt have the Security he and his mom would have in today's Era. Couple thugs find Jordan's dad and try to kidnap for ransom? 🤷‍♂️🤔

  3. Jordan could afford to gamble. He had millions in the bank. His dad wasn’t killed for gambling debts. He was killed by a couple of thugs looking for money. They would have sung like a canary if they had been put up to it

  4. It sounds like hes say n mjs gambling habit was y he left but with no connection 2 his dad , may b?🤔….but remember 2 dudes was arrested,after all these years ,whats their story?🤔

  5. Jordan's gambling had nothing to do with the murder of his father!🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  6. Even if MJ might have been an asshole, vlad is still a piece of shit for uploading old footage, especially with MJ having his TV series going

    If MJ run up on vlad and knock him out…it would be just

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  8. cornballs nipping at Jordan's heels about gambling are the SAME ones that are gonna fake mourn when he dies. Like they do with Kobe now. Garbage… Vlad you're worse than a vulture, you're a vulture and a raccoon that digs in the garbages of the past.

  9. Actually that is a lie. He father was killed @vlad by 3 Teenagers and the car was found in Marion South Carolina. He was jacked for his Lexus and they shot him.

  10. Shit don't even make sense…they told him to leave NBA because of gambling problems lol so he takes his problems to MLB till the heat dies down, like that wouldn't cause an even bigger circus around the guy lol Here you have guy with millions, who's debt is chump change to him, would risk his family knowing it's serious shady people he owes money, who might have already warned him about harm coming to him or his family.

  11. Anyone feel free to respond – I am 43years old – been around during Jordan’s time in the NBA – always heard the older cats in the hood say that MJ’s father died due to his gambling debts – here’s my question
    If MJ owes money why didn’t MJ pay the price ?? Why kill an innocent person (his dad) ?

  12. I was 19 when that happened with Jordan's father. That's the story I always heard from the older guys around that knew him. Then Jordan left the league and it wasn't talked about, and the police said that it was just a random robbery that went wrong and the guys who were responsible were caught and sentenced to jail and nothing dealing with the mob had anything to do with it. I don't buy that, at that time everyone around here knee who MJ's father was and if was just a robbery his dad would of gave up the money and they would if left. I believe it was over a gambling debt that wasn't paid or paid in time. That's why now MJ stays out of the spotlight because it probably eats him up that his father died because of him.

  13. Dick Gregory spoke on this years ago… They were shaving points. An investigation was about to be brought if the story broke out. He had to leave for a while.
    Same thing happend with Magic…. He told the world he was HIV positive and kept gaining weight lol…. "He never Had it".

  14. Michael jordan father wasnt killed over gambling , he was cornered by 2 bums outside of fayetteville north carolina that simply tried to rob him because they noticed him sleeping in his Lexus with jordan plates , vlad u doing well chill with this type of shit….

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