Michael Franzese on Charles Barkley Dropping $10M Playing, He's the Addict No longer Jordan (Section 4)

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On this clip, Michael Franzese begins out via talking about his new training industry ( the place he offers lifestyles and industry recommendation to folks in his “staff.” He went on to talk about the mob launching a large number of casinos and lodges again within the day, and Michael believes issues had been much better when the mob was once nonetheless controlling a large number of Vegas. When talking about playing, Michael defined that the habit is extra concerning the thrill of profitable than the cash, and he added that it is worse than any drug or alchohol habit that he is observed. He additionally addressed Michael Jordan’s well known love of playing, and he does not imagine that Jordan has a playing habit. Then again, in terms of Charles Barkley, he can not see how anyone may just lose $10 million at a desk and now not have an habit. To listen to extra, together with gazing Jordan guess Horace Grant $Five on a desk tennis recreation, hit the above clip.

20 Replies to “Michael Franzese on Charles Barkley Dropping $10M Playing, He's the Addict No longer Jordan (Section 4)”

  1. Vegas and AC are for suckers. I went to both combined 5 times and it was because I was on Vacation. I feel bad for people that go to these rip off casinos.

  2. Lolol if he was going to jail thats why he does this b.s today!! Trust me he is dieing to go back to the mob if there was not a hit out on him . you just dont walk away from the mob it just dont go like that people wake up!! He still a big bull shiter thats all he no .

  3. Michael nailed it with "It's the thrill of winning."
    Maybe that analysis could be extended to politicians, since their end results are the same as the gamblers.

  4. Guys I've Joined Mike's community… couldn't recommend it more if you like Mike and just want advice and good conversation from some interesting people have a look it's great honestly

  5. If I had 10 billion i wud still never lose 10 million at one table. Sheesh. Lmao at some point I'd be like ok this isn't my table lol or my night. Lmao

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