MEGA Blackjack Win – God Mode $20,000+

Thanks for observing. Revel in this wonderful chilly/scorching shoe, what a distinction a couple of blackjack fingers could make.

0:43 Sport Play
5:17 pointers and blackjack technique
9:45 pointers and technique on a 4
14:40 blackjack 12 on a three
19:20 66 blackjack technique
21:30 Scared to bust technique

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The Gamers Pledge:
1. Blackjack is leisure and no longer a substitute of a role
2. On-line Casinos are Evil
3. Over the years the on line casino at all times wins
4. I pay my expenses sooner than I play
5. I best play with additional source of revenue.

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We most commonly add profitable movies and every so often we add dropping ones.

Outro Track

Chip Denomination:
Orange 5K, Gray 1K, Red 500, Black 100, Inexperienced 25 ,Crimson 5

The supposed function of this video is to offer schooling and leisure on more than a few desk video games together with however no longer restricted to blackjack, poker, Texas stacks holdem, roulette, stacks holdem, 4 card stacks holdem, Expectantly you experience and practice alongside in this adventure. Learn how to play blackjack fundamental technique.

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38 Replies to “MEGA Blackjack Win – God Mode $20,000+”

  1. U smart play but why u always took number 4 card. If u stop take number 4 card u may win more n more. I never call 3 card or 4 card because 99% u lost. I'm sorry my English wasn't good hope u understand

  2. So I got a question. I've seen different things done in blackjack when insurance is open and you got a black jack shouldn't the dealer check if they have blackjack before they pay you out because it could be a push. Not sure if there's different rules or something, but greatly appreciate any explanation. Thanks!

    Edited: What made this question come up was the part at 16:14

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