MechWarrior On-line – Blackjack 1 Gameplay

Probably the most recurrently noticed model of the Blackjack the BJ-1 used to be a sufferer of company slander which altered perceptions of army brass for a few years till Space Davion’s luck with the unit in opposition to Kuritan swarm ways in the world of Xhosha VII.

In MWO the Blackjack is a cast medium ‘mech that purposes smartly in quite a lot of roles. Affordable to experiment with within the mechlab however flexible harm smart the Blackjack 1 has a good guns load, just right hardpoint numbers and top fixed ballistics issues makes this one of the vital highest 45 ton ‘mechs recently within the sport.

5 Replies to “MechWarrior On-line – Blackjack 1 Gameplay”

  1. PGI needs to buff the AC2s with either more damage or faster fire rate. One or the other but not both since people will get aggravated if the two would occur.

  2. This Mazack00 kid, expecting Meta builds and Meta play from a Critical Rocket vid. CR is all about Battletech Lore, Stock builds and dying to meta scrubs while having fun. If you came expecting anything else then you should be made aware that it's not happening and no one here cares about your 10 year old whining.

    The fact that you went out of your way to delete my response and report me for this comment that is oh so very polite proves your childish age and attitude. Go and cry to your mommy next time you think about posting on one of these vids if all your going to do is criticise what CR's doing… she might actually listen to you.

    TL;DR: Don't like, don't watch noob.

    Apologies CR for going this far, but kids will never learn unless we teach them lessons in life.

  3. I wonder why you never use the advanced sight module. Was this component not a standard for long range mechs? Or it is PGE invention?

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